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Confessions of the Lost: A Lost Youth

Confessions of the Lost: Prologue I. Beneath all the fighting used to be love. It was hard to tell from their words, but was easily evident in their behavior. Had she ever even pushed back the hair on her own head as she did his? But he saw it. Saw it all when they thought […]

The Usher Project

-I- Lucas Way shook his head, blinked once, blinked again in the dim light, and sat up in bed. Rather, he tried to sit up. He moved to kick off the covers and realized, something in the night had pinned his legs down. He twisted as if to reach down, and realized his arms were […]

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Confessions of the Lost: Prologue

He wrenched his sword free from his victim’s stomach, vividly watched him slump to the ground and wiped his blade clean on the fallen body. Falling to his knees, agony getting the best of him, he threw back his head and screamed into the air for what seemed like eternity. Finally, as his ragged lungs […]