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Nice shoes – Short Fiction

A few years ago, I wrote with a few various prompted writing groups (in fact, I even started one called Story Dam). I … [Read More...]

The Three Little Adults

“Congratulations, boys!” Principal Boar cheered, “I wish you all the best in the future.” John, Jacob, and Schmidt … [Read More...]

Far Greater Men than I

That life should be so fragile and frail Especially to those who have the strength to strengthen others. Those who dream to … [Read More...]


“Are you crazy?!” screamed Emmy.  “The mother could be anywhere.  She’s going to kill you.” “So let her try,” Dylan … [Read More...]

Dogs Don’t Like Horse Play

Bark! Bark!  Bark! Horse was napping and Dog thought it would be funny to scare him awake. It was funny when Horse jumped … [Read More...]

Client Golf

Driving west on the freeway, it soon became dusk. Headlights flicked on amongst the eastbound traffic. The sun was low. … [Read More...]

The right tool for the job

This is a prompted story from a writing prompt entitled: "Through the eyes of a child". We were asked to either write a piece … [Read More...]

Confessions of the Lost: A Lost Youth

Confessions of the Lost: Prologue I. Beneath all the fighting used to be love. It was hard to tell from their words, but … [Read More...]

The Usher Project

-I- Lucas Way shook his head, blinked once, blinked again in the dim light, and sat up in bed. Rather, he tried to sit up. … [Read More...]

Confessions of the Lost: Prologue

He wrenched his sword free from his victim's stomach, vividly watched him slump to the ground and wiped his blade clean on … [Read More...]

UnHallowed Eve

“You want to do what?” Eric’s voice pitched an octave as he questioned his girlfriend, Allie, over the cell phone. Eric … [Read More...]


This is an edited piece from another group's prompt: "Water gives life. It also takes it away. Write a short piece - fiction … [Read More...]

Saturday with James

James and Kyle floated in a dented aluminum fishing boat and stared into the murky, brown water of the man-made lake.  … [Read More...]