Why writers should write about things out of their knowledge zone

Don’t Write What You Know! (Sorry, Dr. Seuss)

This space is usually reserved for book reviews. However, with this post, I urge writers’ to write what they’ve learned, not what they know.

A writer’s a wordsmith, this we all know.typewriter red

Some write real fast, others write slow

Some deal in fiction, others in fact.

Some are too cautious and some have no tact.

Some will write poems-in rhyme or free verse

Others do prose – prolific or terse.

The writers I know that I most like to read

Are sadly a part of a vanishing breed.

They go and explore, they don’t write what they know

Research they will. They don’t go with the flow.

Write what you know is not good advice

Except maybe once, and not more than twice

Discover and learn and write what you’ve found

New stuff that is true from the sky to the ground.

Be an explorer, a keeper of notes,

Don’t be a mere connector of quotes.

Use your work to gain smarts, the sort of knowledge

That most of us bypassed when we were in college.

If you are a writer, then teach me what’s cool.

Not merely some stuff one could learn ‘bout in school.




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