Snowed In: Introducing the Yukon Family

Snowed In Comics is going beyond single-panel jokes. I have created a family of snowmen I call the Yukons. A lot of the humour and inspiration is close to home, but we all know -it’s funny because it’s true- is better than contrived any day.

I know my artistic abilities are limited. This lack of technical ability coupled with an overwhelming lack of time due to parenting and teaching responsibilities supplemented with a good dose of my scattered Generation X attention span have led to a style I call Lo-Fi comics.

My biggest artistic inspiration comes from children’s author and illustrator, David Shannon. His art is so exciting and raw. To identify my comic writing influences would be a list that would likely reach the moon. I am a voracious reader of comics and have been following the funnies since I first learned to read.

What you’ll see in this comic are raw drawings with minimal processing. I only erase to reduce distracting sketch lines leaving most of the planning lines in tact. This, I hope, creates layers so you can see in one image how the comics went from sketch to complete work. Colour will be added to highlight the main characters and to draw attention to important background images. My goal is for the comics to have a doodle feel.

All images here will be photographs of the original work. The photos are then cropped to make them easier to read. Any filters used will be to make the primary drawings and captions stand out. In my mind I am releasing footage of live performance.

Most importantly, I hope you enjoy getting to know the Yukons. Meet Jim, Tam, Gin and Bud.

Snowed In 1 October 31

October 31, 2015

Yukon Family Snowed In 2


The Beginning
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