Snowed In Comics: Lo-Fi Collection

I’m impatient. When I finish a comic I want to share it with the world as soon as possible. Sometimes that means the images look a little rough. Ok, they’re a lot rough. In any case, I love creating these crazy snowmen comics and I like the raw look and feel of my Lo-Fi comics.

This is my take on the old cannibalistic snowman joke.

sicko snowed in comics by james hudyma

I thought of this one after seeing Date Night.

Not In the Mood Ugly Sweater

My take on “Don’t eat the yellow snow.”

pee on the snowman

This one was inspired by Ice Age. Mostly, I just wanted to see if I could draw a Mammoth.

stinky mammoth snowed in comics by james hudyma

I drew this one wondering what one of my snowmen would think if they saw a real snowman.

real snowman snowed in comics by james hudyma

At Tim Horton’s I overheard a couple of ladies saying that their husbands’ minds were always on the pole. I drew thinking a snowman’s mind would always be on the North Pole because it is a place of everlasting winter. After drawing it my North Pole looked like a barber pole so I added the word North to clear it up.

North Pole snowed in comics by james hudyma


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  1. I love the “Don’t Eat Yellow Snow”. These were great keep the laughs coming!

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