Dreams of My Children

Get ready, everybody. In just a few years there’s going to be a revolutionary product on the market that promises to change every facet of your life. This product will make dreams come true, put you in control of your destiny and possibly bring you fame, fortune and all that goes with it.

What is this one-of-a-kind creation?

It’s called the “Do Anything” machine and my oldest, 6, promises to build it within a few short years. Or as he says,” When I get bigger.”

This is just one of the creations that he intends to build. A teleporter and a time machine are also on his to-do list. At this point in his life, he wants to be an inventor, although he told me the other day the he doesn’t need to go to college to become one. Guess I can pocket that $100 a month for his college fund.

My other son, 4, wants to be “an animal helper.” Not a veterinarian, mind you. I think he confuses veterinarian with vegetarian. That’s ok. I don’t want to be a vegetarian either. To be an animal helper, however, it might help if he didn’t run screaming whenever the neighbor’s dog gets a tad too close to him. In his defense, that dog is big. I’d be running and screaming, too, if it was socially acceptable.

I love that my boys have dreams and goals at such tender ages. My oldest loves to watch science and space videos and he soaks up and retains much of he sees, hears and reads. The other day we learned that a company called Moon Express is preparing to launch missions to the moon to mine it for minerals and other resources. 6’s immediate reaction? “But Daddy, if the moon weighs less won’t that affect the tides?” Smart kid.

When I was their age, I suppose that I wanted to be a baseball player. Just a few years later, however, I’d realized that my baseball skills were better suited for off the field professions. I remember sitting down at a typewriter at my mother’s office and writing, at 12 years old, that I wanted to be the voice of the Baltimore Orioles. That didn’t happen but I did wind up with a successful career in broadcasting and I’ve been able to interview some of my childhood baseball heroes along the way.

My goal is to pique their interest as much as possible in their momentary pursuits, no matter how fleeting they may be. My inventor son might wind up becoming a minister or a writer but if he indulges his desires in science, engineering and space, maybe that can be a hobby for him or secondary pursuit. That’s why he reads books about science and devours videos about SpaceX, NASA and black holes. It’s also why we’re putting a telescope on his Christmas list.

My youngest desperately wants a puppy and demands that we visit the pet store whenever we go out. He ooh’s and aah’s at animals and seems to have a genuine affinity for them. We watch silly animal videos, check out live animal webcams when we think of it and visit friends with dogs he plays with. Again, maybe he’ll be a teacher or an engineer but if he’s an animal lover, maybe that will be a side job or simply a way of life for him.

These are my children’s dreams at 6 & 4 years old. It’s bound to change and when it does, my wife and I will be there ready to guide them and give their goals meaning and support.

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