Return of the Yogi

Namaste, everyone.

I talk a lot about living in a B.C./A.C. world — (Before Children & After Children.) B.C. is the time when I had more hair, money and free time — that I realize I mostly squandered. Lately, I’ve begun to claw back some of that time. I played my first round of golf (badly) in 4 years and my wife and I started taking yoga again. How selfish of us, right?

Both of our children are in school and there’s a small window of time each day when we have the freedom to just be. To breathe. If we want to plow through 3 loads of laundry, we do it. If we want to binge watch a home improvement show, we do it. If we want to nap, we do it. But, truth be told, I couldn’t wait to get my yoga on again.

When I was introduced to yoga about a decade ago, I was skeptical. I thought it was a bunch of hippie-types laying around in a room that smelled like incense and sweat doing some light stretching. What I discovered was a way to not only train my body but also relax my mind. I come from a long line of overthinkers — people who obsess, plan, prepare and build lengthy to-do-lists. My kinfolk rarely relax and are constantly on the move. I also come from a long line of overactive people — people who work out, play sports, dance, run, etc to compete and stay physically fit. All of that stuff got wrapped up in my DNA and when my then-girlfriend suggested that we try yoga about 10 years ago, I had to be convinced it was a good idea.

I knew pretty quickly that it was. Yoga challenged me mentally to slow things down, take time for myself and breathe through my worries, fears and concerns. It also challenged me physically to push my body to work through stress, to strengthen long-neglected areas and focus deeply on parts of my body that needed special care. For the 7 years that regularly practiced yoga, I felt healthier and more fulfilled than ever before.

Then, the kids came. There was barely time to watch a half hour tv show uninterrupted, let alone attend a 90 minute yoga class. Physical fitness got kicked to the curb — except for chasing around after two little boys with enough energy to fill a warehouse full of 5-Hour Energy drink bottles.

But, now, my wife and I are taking control of our lives again. Yoga is on the menu. In addition to the physical and mental benefits for me, it’s also a great opportunity for my wife and I to do something together that we both love and enjoy. I don’t know if yoga is right for you. It might not be. But I would encourage you to take the time to discover something you and your spouse or partner are passionate about and dig into it. Life is too short not to.


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