Blog Hijacked! Our Date With Dinosaurs!

This is our Jurassic World.

Ok, so it won’t win any Academy Awards but don’t tell Daddy that. He shot and edited this video from our recent trip to Zoo Miami for “Dinosaurs Live!” and he’s thinking about entering it into Sundance. He’s already practicing his pitch to Redford. Oh well. Let him dream.

Anyway, let’s talk dinos. These were the coolest, awesomest, fiercest predators this side of The Terminator (No, I haven’t seen the new movie but I watch a lot of tv and a lot of commercials). We saw Brachiosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, Dilophosaurus, Deinosuchus, Coelophysis and Quetzalcoatl. What a sight! It was like my dinosaur books came to life!

I could name almost all of the dinosaurs without looking at the signs and I even impressed Dad, Mom and a few strangers by pointing out which time period the dinosaurs lived in. I’m an amateur paleontologist. And I watch a lot of “Dinosaur Train.”

My little brother wasn’t as thrilled. I think he thought those dinosaurs were real.He screamed and crawled into Mommy’s shirt whenever we crossed paths with Gravitholous or Diabloceratops. Not me. I knew they were robots. Well, maybe not at first but when they didn’t chase us throughout the zoo, I knew something was up. Not all of those dinosaurs were herbivores.

I wish everybody could see those dinos. Sure, they look amazing on the movie screen in 3-D but it’s pretty cool to see them up close and personal, too. Next time, though, I’m taking the camera from Dad and getting some really sweet video.

(Thanks to for the great sound effects!)


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