I Hate Resolutions

My New Year’s resolution remains the same every year — not to make any resolutions.

I know it probably sounds like I’m the Ebenezer Scrooge — “Bah Humbug” — of New Year’s Eve. But before anyone tries to send three ghosts to visit me think about this: why is a resolution made on December 31 any more noteworthy or important than one made on April 17 or August 2?

My life does not revolve around trying to maintain a resolution made on one random day throughout the year. My life revolves around trying to be the best husband/father/son/brother/uncle/friend/employee/man that I can be 24/7/365. Know what I’m saying?

That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with people who do make resolutions. If it works for you to set a commitment date for your goal to lose weight, search for a better job or try to become a more generous individual, then go for it. I can see the benefit of turning a page or flipping a monthly calendar to give you the gumption to put your plan into action. Plus, maybe by setting a specific date to begin accomplishing your goal it gives you time to mentally and physically prepare.

However, for me, if I want to accomplish something I see nothing wrong with starting RIGHTNOW! Why wait? Life is short. Get it done. If I want to work out more, I’m gonna start right away. If I want to do more projects around the house, the time to start is this very minute. If I want to learn how to fly fish, I’m heading to the outdoor store and buying some supplies currently.

Besides, life with two energetic young children, a loving wife, man exciting job and a hefty mortgage carries it’s own special set of demands. If I did make resolutions they would be deceptively simple. How about this: I resolve to nap more. I resolve to spend less money. I resolve to laugh more. I resolve to pay my mortgage on time. I resolve to have more sex with my wife (It would be nice if this were her resolution, too.)

Resolutions are nice. But waiting to make your goals come true is like waiting to tell someone you love them. You might build up some suspense and give yourself time to adjust to a new reality but why put off something that’s going to make your life better right now?


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