BLOG HIJACKED! Our Adventure with Alligators

Shhh! Don’t tell Dad but I hijacked his blog this week to share our latest adventure — gator-watching in the Everglades.

So what if I just turned 4 and can barely spell my name? I can still pound out a quick blog on Dad’s laptop and describe to you all the crazy, awesome, death-defying stuff we saw.

First off, we climbed on board this thing called an airboat — it looked like a homemade spaceship for the water. There were these ridiculously huge fans on the back. They looked like something you’d see on an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. And the guy driving the boat said they put two engines from something called a “Cadillac” on it so it would go super fast. It did!

We tore through the water and something called sawgrass to reach a spot where the alligators hang out. I guess it’s sort of their clubhouse. A couple of gators swam by our boat and I was kinda scared at first but then dad told me I was safe so I chilled out. Those gators were big! And their tails were long and scaly, ripping through the water like a boat propeller.

The boat captain told us to keep our hands and arms in the water so I did. Daddy took lots of pictures and videos and I made sure that he stayed safe. “Don’t lean over the boat, Dad,” I told him.

Mommy and my little brother watched from a safe distance and they loved seeing those gators, too. Their teeth looked like small bowling pins and their skin looked as rough as a football. I wonder if I could get a small one to take home???

When we got back to the dock we got our pictures taken with the boat captain and he said that we could come back on his boat anytime. We will.

After that, we went to an alligator show. There was this lady who taught us about alligators and how they have to rescue some alligators before they get “destroyed.” I’m not sure what that means but it sounds kinda gross. Anyway, she showed us how powerful the jaws are on this one alligator by lifting its’ head, grabbing its’ jaws and shaking them. Wow! She said the gator has even more power when it bites than a shark!

She also opened the gators’ mouth and showed us all 80 of its’ teeth. Then she did something so crazy and reckless I can barely believe it. She put the gators mouth between her chin and chest and held her arms out wide! She waited for us all to get pictures but Daddy missed it because his iPhone was full.

He did get pictures of me, my bro and Mommy holding a baby gator. His mouth was taped shut so he couldn’t bite us and I can’t wait to tell all my friends about it.

Daddy and Mommy sure do take us on some cool adventures. I was hoping to see a python in the Everglades but we never saw one, even though my eyes were peeled. Oh well, maybe next time!


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