Live Blogging Soccer’s World Cup (Not Really)

There were throngs of people live tweeting last Sunday’s epic World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina. They captured the thrills and excitement of the showdown and also brought levity and significance to the game. I decided to try my hand at live tweeting — by capturing the minute by minute action of my 4-year-old’s youth soccer game last week.

@Happiestdaddy 7:42 am
“Fired up for the epic tilt between Youth Team #1 vs. Youth Team #3. Should be electric!”

@Happiestdaddy 7:49 am
“4 is excited, too. He’s going to ‘score a home run’ in today’s game.”

@Happiestdaddy 7:56 am
“4 might be disqualified from today’s match. We can only find one shoe and one shinguard. Does this happen to Messi? #shouldaplannedahead”

@Happiestdaddy 8:12 am
“Shoe & shinguard found. Driving to the field. 4 is gobbling gobs of Fruit Snacks as part of a pregame ritual.”

@Happiestdaddy 8:19 am
“Arrived. Coach is leading the players thru pregame drills. Or should I say ‘begging the kids to pay attention to him.'”

@Happiestdaddy 8:22 am
“Parents are frantically clearing space on their smartphones to record the 30 minute game.”

@Happiestdaddy 8:26 am
“4 tells me has to go potty. Upon hearing this, every other player on the team also has to go potty. #pottyparty”

@Happiestdaddy 8:30 am
“Bladders empty. Time for the game to begin! Three of our players refuse to play. They would rather eat snacks on the sideline.”

@Happiestdaddy 8:33 am
“4 is running around like a crazy person. He can’t remember which goal is the one we defend & which is the one we try to score on. #chipofftheoldblock”

@Happiestdaddy 8:36 am
“Number 7 on the opposing team just scored a goal. He’s good and he’s got the hair of a 22-year-old male model. #futurebeckham”

@Happiestdaddy 8:41 am
“There are almost as many parents on the field as there are players.”

@Happiestdaddy 8:44 am
“10 players on field. 6 of them playing. Two are talking in a corner of the field. One is pulling up grass and one is spinning around in circles.”

@Happiestdaddy 8:47 am
“Number 7 scores again. Has at least two hat tricks.”

@Happiestdaddy 8:50 am
“Calling Jurgen Klinsmann. He needs to start scouting number 7. Kid scored AGAIN!”

@Happiestdaddy 8:52 am
“Halftime. We’re losing a lot to a little.”

@Happiestdaddy 8:56 am
“We may be losing on the field but we are winning at ‘Halftime Snack Eating.’ These kids are draining some juice boxes & tearing thru some veggie straws.”

@Happiestdaddy 8:59 am
“Game resumes & we score! The goalscorer does a Brandi Chastain-esque knee slide after putting ball in net. #Impressive!”

@Happiestdaddy 9:04 am
“We score again! Ok, the opposing team kicked it in their own goal but who cares??? #agoalisagoalisagoalisagoal”

@Happiestdaddy 9:07 am
“Number 7 scores again. I’m calling the league office on Monday to check his birthdate. #ringer”

@Happiestdaddy 9:12 am
“A kid on the opposing team is ‘too tired to play.’ His father is barking at him ‘You’re not tired! Do not walk off that field.’ #lightenupdude”

@Happiestdaddy 9:14 am
“4 scores a goal! And I got it on video! Already uploaded to youtube, instagram & Facebook. #prouddad”

@Happiestdaddy 9:18 am
“Game over. We lose but the kids don’t care. They’re high-fiving each other like they just won the World Cup!”

@Happiestdaddy 9:25 am
“4 wins the ‘Best Listener Award.’ They clearly have not seen him when we ask him to turn off the tv and come in for dinner.”

@Happiestdaddy 9:34 am
“Heading home. 4 just told me that he ‘loves playing soccer and his new friends.’ #permanentsmile”


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