Teaching Charity to our Children

There are many mornings that I wake up with a sore back. But last Sunday I didn’t mind the extra aches and pains. The agony of rolling out of bed was eased by knowing those sore muscles were the result of helping others.

When you witness the power of people joining together to bring a tiny bit of light to those less fortunate, it radiates, it inspires and it motivates us to continue our good deeds. A few weeks ago, hundreds of people from our church community gathered to package meals for the hungry. It was an assembly line of do-gooders — people filling small bags with rice, soy, vegetables and vitamins to provide to hungry children throughout the United States and across the developing world.

Tens of thousands of meals were created for those  who need them most and tens of thousands of good vibes were created for those who made it happen.

I was inspired to write this blog after my pal @readbradthedad penned this piece last week about creating an environment for charitable activity that makes a difference in our communities.

At our church event, the best part was watching children scoop up the small, completed bags of rice and soy and deliver them to those of us filling, sealing and carrying the boxes to a waiting truck. Those children may not have been old enough to understand the causes and ramifications of world hunger or about the decades-long efforts to stop it but they were old enough to know that in small but significant way, they were part of the solution.

As a child my world was so sheltered that I knew nothing about poor or hungry people until my grandfather told us stories of how he, as a boy during the Depression, would bring homeless men into his family’s home for Sunday dinners. “Really, Pop?” I would ask, with the incredulousness of a child. “Yes,” he would reply. “It was a different time.” Indeed it was a different, more trusting time but it’s the same now in terms of people being in need and those of us with means — however limited — needing to do our part to help.

My children were too young this year to package meals, fill boxes or even courier the food from one station to another. But events like this one — which show how hungry our communities are to assist in causes bigger than ourselves — give me hope that my kids will grow up with a greater sense of purpose, interconnectedness and desire to make a difference in their world. You can bet that in a year or two our kids will be racing from bucket to box with arms crammed full of meals for kids just like them. It will be a lesson more powerful than some statistic I can quote about starving children.

To learn more, visit the Stop Hunger Now website. Here is a portion of their mission statement: “Stop Hunger Now is an international hunger relief agency that has been fulfilling its commitment to end hunger for more than 15 years. Since 1998, the organization has coordinated the distribution of food and other lifesaving aid to children and families in countries all over the world.”


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