Making Family Memories

He glanced out the window and shrieked.

“Oh my gosh! It’s snowing,” he exclaimed with the kind of joy that instantly melts troubles away and brings smiles to the hardest of hearts. This was no regular snowfall. This was a snowfall for two boys who live their lives in Florida and only see snow in books, movies and pictures. And this was a snowfall worth every penny of the plane tickets and stress it took to make it to my boyhood home for Christmas.

In other words, this was pure delight. This was the reason for living.


We quickly bundled up in more layers than Santa and made snowmen of these kids who usually debate whether to wear flip-flops or go barefoot outside in the ubiquitous Florida sunshine. Once the door opened, there was no hesitation. Off they ran, at first unsure of what to do in this mini-winter wonderland. Then they caught snowflakes on their tongue, pretended to ice skate and demanded that we make a snowman. Mission accomplished.

Snowballs were made, snowballs were thrown and laughter reverberated off the houses nearby. A sleigh ride was attempted, cheeks were reddened and a lifetime of family memories was captured in pictures and video.

But most importantly, a little boy’s wish was granted. For weeks before our trip, our 3-year-old asked if we would see snow up north. As we checked and re-checked the forecast, the outlook never brightened — or coldened — to the point of wintry precipitation.

And then the snow fell.


The Beginning
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