The Three Little Adults

“Congratulations, boys!” Principal Boar cheered, “I wish you all the best in the future.”

John, Jacob, and Schmidt couldn’t believe they had finally graduated high school. They couldn’t wait to move out on their own and begin a new life in the city. They had already rented an apartment and as an added bonus, their mothers pooled their money to pre-pay for the boys’ first month of rent and bills, and they gave them each $1000 to help them get established.

On their first day in the city the boys split up to go job hunting. John got a job at Quick Burger because he knew they were always hiring and he didn’t feel like spending a bunch of time looking for work. Jacob went to all the department stores in their area to find out which place had the best wages and employee benefits. He ended up with a job at LumberMart. Schmidt phoned all the masons in town until he found one that would take him on as an apprentice.

Now that they had jobs lined up they had to buy some food. John got distracted on the way to the grocery store and ended up buying a big screen tv. After he set up the tv he ordered pizza because he was too lazy to go back out to buy groceries. Jacob went to the grocery store and bought some expensive pre-packaged freezer meals and freezer pizzas. He wasn’t really paying attention and only bought enough food for 2 weeks. Schmidt looked for discounts and used coupons to buy a 2-month’s supply of food.

After the first day John was broke and had to borrow food from Jacob. After 5 days Jacob was broke and both boys had to ask Schmidt for food. Schmidt agreed to feed them but kept a tab of how much money they owed him. By the end of the month when they got their first paycheck, John already owed Schmidt half his paycheck and didn’t have enough money left over to pay his share of the rent. Jacob was able to pay Schmidt and his and John’s share of the rent but didn’t have enough money left to buy more groceries. Schmidt had made enough money to enroll in a bricklayers program at the college so he could become a Journeyman mason.

John and Jacob went to the bank to get credit cards so they could afford to buy groceries. John was turned down by the bank so he got a loan from a loan company he found in a back alley by the casino. He ended up spending his cash on a video game console and pizzas. At the end of the month, when he skipped his first payment, he got a phone call from the loan company. They told him to pay up or they would send someone to take his tv and video game console. He didn’t have the money to pay so he turned to Jacob for help.

Jacob got a credit card from the bank. He bought groceries. He also lent John enough money to make a minimum payment to the loan company. At the end of the month he still had $500 room on his card so he bought himself some new clothes and a new phone. The next month he wasn’t able to make his minimum payment and he couldn’t help John. The bank called him and said if he didn’t make his payment they would contact his employer and they would take the money off of his paycheck so Jacob turned to Schmidt for help.

When his friends came to him yet again for financial help, Schmidt begrudgingly covered their rent and their minimum payments and told them to find a new roommate because he was moving out. One of his classmates had a place closer to the college and needed a roommate. He told his friends not to come begging for money anymore. He also told them not to waste time looking for a roommate because rent would be due soon.

The boys weren’t able to find a new roommate. Luckily Jacob was promoted to a supervisor position at LumberMart. With the increase in pay he was able to cover the missing rent money but he didn’t have enough cash to bail John out once again. Soon the repo man came knocking at their door. His name was Wolf. He took John’s tv and game console and gave John two weeks to come up with the remaining money. Two weeks later John didn’t have the money so Wolf broke his legs. With broken legs John wasn’t able to work. Jacob decided it best to distance himself from John and got a smaller place he could afford on his own.

John ended up moving back home with his parents where he fell into the wrong crowd. He ended up dying in a car crash because he was driving drunk and slammed into a stack of hay bales. Jacob was eventually promoted to manager of LumberMart. He was able to turn his finances around and eventually got married, bought a home out in the sticks, and started a family. Schmidt started his own masonry business. He continued his schooling to get a business degree and eventually grew his business into an international franchise. He got married and he and his family spend their downtime relaxing on the beach by their brick mansion in Hawaii. Wolf continues to repo from deadbeats and on good days, he gets to break some legs.



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