“Are you crazy?!” screamed Emmy.  “The mother could be anywhere.  She’s going to kill you.”

“So let her try,” Dylan snarled.

Dylan’s parents thought it would be a good idea to take him camping.  They thought the peacefulness of nature would help settle him and the duties to camp successfully would help make him a bit more responsible.  They invited Emmy along because she seemed to be able to talk some sense into him, once in a while.

 Ruff!  Ruff!  Ruff!  Riggs was going crazy, barking and jumping as he ran around the tree.  He was only a puppy; you’d never know it by his size.

The situation began only moments before when Dylan spotted a bear cub and decided to chase it up a tree.  Emmy protested but that didn’t stop him.  Riggs thought it was a great idea and led the chase.  Dylan hadn’t spent much time in the great outdoors and was about to learn a very hard lesson.

“I’m getting out of here!  I’m not sticking around to get mauled by a bear!” Emmy screamed. The bear cub’s cries sounded exactly like a baby’s, which really disturbed her.

“No one is forcing you to stay,” Dylan retorted.

“I’m going to get your parents.  Hopefully they’ll be able to identify the body,” she yelled as she ran back to their campsite.


Emmy turned to see a gigantic bear standing a few feet in front of Dylan.  Then it attacked.

“Get it off me!  Get it off me!” he screamed in horror.

“I told you this would happen!” Emmy cried, but no one could hear her.  There wasn’t anything she could do without risking her own life so she ran for the campsite to get Dylan’s parents.


Riggs tried to defend his master but no matter his size, he was no match for the bear.  The bear lunged forward and swatted Riggs to the side like he was a hovering mosquito.  He flew through the air and hit the ground hard.  His cries sounded awful as he lay writhing on the ground.

“Help me!  Help me!” Dylan pleaded.  The seriousness of the situation had completely sunk in.  Dylan had never really had to pay for any of the chaos he created in the city.  He always had an excuse and never really felt bad, even when they made him say he was sorry.

The bear reared up and let loose a blood-curdling roar.  Dylan turned to run but he tripped on a branch.  The bear bounded forward.  Quickly rolling to the side, he was able to evade the attack. He scrambled to his feet and attempted to sprint away.

The bear lunged forward again, swiping at Dylan.  This time it connected and sent him tumbling to the ground.  “Please don’t kill me!” Dylan begged for his life.  The bear pounded onto him and began tearing at his face and chest.


The shot that rang through the air was deafening.  The hulking beast dropped onto to Dylan with all of its weight.

Dylan’s father threw his rifle to the ground and raced to his battered son.  Adrenalin pumping through his veins he tore the bear from his son’s body and desperately began searching for signs of life.

Dylan’s body hung lifelessly in his father’s arms.  He clothes were torn and he was bleeding badly.  Emmy ran over to them sobbing and cried out, “Wake up!  Wake up!  Please don’t be dead!”

Dylan’s eyes flickered a little.  He moaned softly and then whispered, “I’m sorry.”

In the tree above them the bear cub cried for its mother.


Photo credit: ucumari / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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    Karma is a bitch and Dylan was a fool. I hope he survived. Also, can’t help but think about the bear cub whose mother was killed because she was trying to defend it.

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