Dogs Don’t Like Horse Play

Bark! Bark!  Bark!

Horse was napping and Dog thought it would be funny to scare him awake. It was funny when Horse jumped high into the air but it wasn’t so funny when he started charging towards Dog.

Dog was always pranking Horse and Horse didn’t like it. They lived on a farm outside the city and the two animals were sometimes friends and most-times enemies.  Horse got mad easily and Dog liked to make him mad.  “Can’t you take a joke?” Dog would ask whenever Horse lost his cool. On this particular cold winter day, Horse decided he was fed up with Dog’s pranks and planned to put a stop to them, permanently.

Dog ran out of the barn and into the woods outside the field.  He looked back expecting to see Horse but he wasn’t there. Dog stopped to look and listen. Just then he heard snow crunching in the trees behind him.  Dog called for Horse but got no reply. The woods were eerily silent.  All of sudden Dog saw a large shadow pass in front of him. Dog turned around quickly and barked but nothing was there.  From out of nowhere he felt hot breath on his neck.

Horse bit Dog right on the tail. 

Dog squealed in pain and started running back toward the barn.  Horse chased Dog as fast as he could, stomping his hooves hard on the frozen ground.  Dog swerved left and right and managed to get ahead of Horse. Without warning Dog slipped on an icy patch and flipped into a deep bank of snow. Horse jumped in the air and landed right next to Dog’s head, stomping his ear.  Dog began to yelp with fear and pain. When Horse lifted his hoof for another attack, Dog rolled over quickly and headed for a hole in the barnyard fence.  He ran through the fence but Horse jumped right over it and kicked Dog to the ground.

Horse pressed his hoof onto Dog’s skull. Dog begged for his life, promising never to bother Horse ever again. Horse pressed harder and then started laughing. “I was only horsing around,” Horse chuckled and poignantly asked, “Can’t you  take a joke?” Then he lifted his hoof and returned to his nap. 



Feature Photo credit: Denis Collette…!!! / / CC BY-NC-ND


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