The Summer Tease

This is an ode to temporary summer. 

The summer of sleeping in.

The summer of lazy mornings and laughter from the pool. 

The summer of late bedtimes and movie nights. 

I love this summer. 

The summer of no packed lunches and little homework, endless Netflix and suggested reading lists. 

The summer of a wife home from her school job and two boys on playdates and camp outings. 

The summer of time. 

I honor this summer. 

The summer of crossing items off to-do lists. 

The summer of museums and beaches, Disney and dining out. 

The summer of relationships rekindled.

I appreciate this summer. 

The summer of 10 weeks, 70 days, 1,680 hours and not a minute less. 

The summer of smiles and fishing, baseball and friends. 

The summer of relaxing. 

I crave this summer. 

The summer of dwindling days. 

The summer of “How many more weeks until school?”

The summer of “We’d better buy school supplies.”

The summer of “I don’t want this to end.”

I need this summer. 

The summer of reconnecting. 

The summer of traditions kept and memories made. 

The summer of promises delivered. 

I followed through this summer. 

The summer of celebrating family and tackling chores and teaching new skills and occasionally complaining. 

The summer of no wasted time. 

The summer of unforgettable moments shared by people who love and rely on each other. 

I love this joyful, peaceful, smile-producing, memory-inducing, oh-won’t-you-please-stay-longer summer. 

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