The Joys of Parenthood

Being a parent brings such joy into our lives.

This week we experienced twin joys in our home and they are the types of moments that all parents live for, memorialize and give us confidence that despite the trials and tribulations of parenthood, our kids are succeeding, on the right path and meeting their milestones.

One night as I arrived home from work my wife was outside with the boys, 6 & 4, as they rode their bikes around our driveway. I could tell something was up because it was dark and they’re usually eating dinner when I get home. As I looked closer, I noticed something was missing rom 6’s bike. His training FINALLY came off. After months of talking about, raising the training wheels and even getting him a balance bike, he acquiesced and my wife took off the wheels. He rode and rode and couldn’t wait to show me when I arrived home. What a moment! It nearly brought me to tears to see how proud he was of himself and how he gained a confidence that he never had before.

It’s moments like that in life that will teach him that he can successfully overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. After all the hesitation, worry and fear, he took a chance and did it. The next day, he fell and earned some nasty road rash. But after some tears and a bandage, he wanted to get back on his bike and continue riding. That’s a good sign.

And 4 accomplished something special, too. His pre-k teacher told us that he’s been doing well in school — letter recognition, writing, listening, etc. We pulled out some pre-reading books and sat down to see if he could read. He could. It was slow-going at first, but he never got upset and build confidence word by word that he knew. When he got stuck, we worked with him on the letter sounds and he, without fail, can put the word together on his own.

He’s interested in reading these books and wants to devour them several at a time. It is thrilling to watch, as we see that our love of reading to him and his brother is paying off. An entirely new world is about to open up to him in the form of books, stories and adventures and I’m psyched to have a front row seat.

These successes fill our hearts and give us pride that by being dedicated, hands-on parents, we can help our kids learn and grow and develop the belief in themselves that they can do things they didn’t think they could.

But our work is just beginning. If we could only get these kids to tie their shoes or wipe their butts.

(Photo credit: peonyandthistle via CC BY-NC-ND)


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