Mike Crider

Mike is a school administrator and father of twin daughters. He enjoys writing about his adventures as a father of toddlers at his blog "Twin Dad Talks: Thoughts on Raising Twins, and Everything Else". Mike has also contributed for Good Men Project, Grown Ups Magazine, TWINS Magazine and Multiplicity Magazine. He also hosts a twitter chat called #TwinsChat for parents of multiples, which runs on Monday nights at 9 pm EST.

Posts by Mike Crider

Statistical Overload in a Digital World

It’s tough living in the digital world we live in. I mean, sure, we have touch-screen phones and all, and there are many conveniences that we enjoy that our forefathers did not. But life in the digital age is drowned in statistics. Many of those statistics, their purpose is to help you maximize life; instead, […]

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Thighs with Root Vegetables and Broccoli

Sometimes you make food based on seasons, sometimes you make it based on your mood.  Many times we make recipes in our household that reflect how it feels outside. However, this recipe is screaming from the top of a mountain that we are finished with winter, and we long for warmer temperatures (even in North […]

A Running Diary of the Sochi Opening Ceremony

  As is typical of me, every now and then I throw out a post that has nothing to do with parenting at all, just me being sarcastic.  I know, buckle your seat belts, right?  Anyway, there’s been a lot of talk about these winter games for a variety of reasons.  You’ve got the whole, […]