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Valentine’s Day: Your Table is Ready

Valentine's Day

It’s that time of year.  Love is in the air.  You see candy hearts full of chocolate and over-sized stuffed teddy bears waiting for a home. Valentine’s Day. My wife and I are 7 years into our marriage and Valentine’s Day has taken on a completely different meaning than it did when we were dating […]

Guillow’s Foam and Balsa Wood Gliders – A Blast From The Past


My son loves airplanes.  We luckily live in an area where we are right in the flight path of the closest major airport in our area.  He has many toys planes that he has collected over the years that are his go-to toys.  Many of which have caused scratches on our coffee table, one in […]

5 Ways to Make Going Back to Work Easier for You and Your Family

Going Back To Work - Dads Round Table

During a recent lay-off, I found myself back into the stay-at-home-dad world.   To be honest, it was something that I was excited about, despite also needing to look for jobs.  I knew that the time that I would be spending with my son would be limited and soon the call came that has me […]

RTD: Home Improvements and Spring Cleaning

Home Improvements and Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and the temperature is slowly climbing.  This means that more people are getting out and realizing the toll that winter has taken on their homes. If you are anything like me, you have noticed the fading paint on the sides of the house, the cracked boards on your deck and the stain […]

Being a Consistent Parent

Consistent - Dads Round Table

I’m frustrated.  In fact, I am very frustrated.  I can’t help but think that some of my frustration though is partially because of my actions. My son acts out and will not listen. I understand that 3 year olds will be 3 year olds.  Not listening and acting out is just part of their nature.  Toddlers […]

Has the Social Media Bubble Burst?

Social Media - Dads Round Table

My last post, about social media and parenting, after letting it sit and simmer, I realize I was off topic.  WAY off topic.  I really don’t know what I was thinking while I was writing it, or as my wife likes to tell me, “Were you even thinking?”    No, I really wasn’t in fact, […]

Social Media or Parenting (You Can NOT Do Both)

Social Media - Dads Round Table

What will happen when the Social Media bubble bursts? I never thought about it until today.  But think about it… What will social media look like in 5 years? Or in 5 years will we look back and wonder why we thought social media was cool? I say this because, it really hit home for […]

Unfamiliar Interest

Interest - Dads Round Table

All of us have different interest.  The things that spark my interest are not the same things that probably interest you.  I’m a fan of baseball, love social media, video production, writing, and anything outdoors.  A couple of those things might spark your interest but you probably have no interest in video production, so when […]

Quiet Strength

Quiet Strength - Dads Round Table

When your family needs you the most, do you respond with quiet strength? *** Quiet Strength.  What do you think of when you hear this? Do you think of a bridge support: strong, quiet, doesn’t complain, and something that is always there? Just like a husband or a father: the rock, the pillar of a family. […]

What the Park Taught Me About A Helicopter Parent

Helicopter Parent - Dads Round Table

The park for a kid is a place to explore, be a kid, have fun, and push yourself to the limits.  For an adult it is a place to relax, forget about my current troubles, and more importantly, watch other parenting styles in action.   The one thing that I have noticed is that when […]