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RTD: Home Improvements and Spring Cleaning

Home Improvements and Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and the temperature is slowly climbing.  This means that more people are getting out and realizing the toll that winter has taken on … [Read more...]

Being a Consistent Parent

Consistent - Dads Round Table

I'm frustrated.  In fact, I am very frustrated.  I can't help but think that some of my frustration though is partially because of my actions. My son … [Read more...]

Has the Social Media Bubble Burst?

Social Media - Dads Round Table

My last post, about social media and parenting, after letting it sit and simmer, I realize I was off topic.  WAY off topic.  I really don't know what … [Read more...]

Social Media or Parenting (You Can NOT Do Both)

Social Media - Dads Round Table

What will happen when the Social Media bubble bursts? I never thought about it until today.  But think about it... What will social media look like … [Read more...]

Unfamiliar Interest

Interest - Dads Round Table

All of us have different interest.  The things that spark my interest are not the same things that probably interest you.  I'm a fan of baseball, love … [Read more...]

Quiet Strength

Quiet Strength - Dads Round Table

When your family needs you the most, do you respond with quiet strength? *** Quiet Strength.  What do you think of when you hear this? Do you think … [Read more...]

What the Park Taught Me About A Helicopter Parent

Helicopter Parent - Dads Round Table

The park for a kid is a place to explore, be a kid, have fun, and push yourself to the limits.  For an adult it is a place to relax, forget about my … [Read more...]

A Year of Dads Round Table

Dads Round Table

31,536,000 Seconds. 525,600 Minutes. 8,760 Hours. 365 Days. 1 Year. It might not sound like it goes by fast but in the eyes of the founding members of … [Read more...]

What Being An Unemployed Stay-At-Home-Dad Has Taught Me

Unemployed - Dads Round Table

There was a point in time when I considered myself a "part-time" Stay-At-Home-Dad.  I say part-time, because I was home three days out of the week … [Read more...]

An Interview with Sean Kent from Modern Dads – A Look Into the Show

Sean Kent Modern Dads - Dads Round Table

Since posting my first review of the A&E show Modern Dads, the reaction has been mixed.  We wanted to get a behind the scenes look at the show and … [Read more...]

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