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Concussions and Children: Know the Signs

It started as a normal day shopping at the garden center. It might have been early in the season but in the case of gardening, the early bird gets the worm. The garden center was empty with the exception of a few displays that had the cold season plants on them. We walk by one […]

Guillow’s Foam and Balsa Wood Gliders – A Blast From The Past

My son loves airplanes.  We luckily live in an area where we are right in the flight path of the closest major airport in our area.  He has many toys planes that he has collected over the years that are his go-to toys.  Many of which have caused scratches on our coffee table, one in […]

5 Ways to Make Going Back to Work Easier for You and Your Family

During a recent lay-off, I found myself back into the stay-at-home-dad world.   To be honest, it was something that I was excited about, despite also needing to look for jobs.  I knew that the time that I would be spending with my son would be limited and soon the call came that has me […]

What the Park Taught Me About A Helicopter Parent

The park for a kid is a place to explore, be a kid, have fun, and push yourself to the limits.  For an adult it is a place to relax, forget about my current troubles, and more importantly, watch other parenting styles in action.   The one thing that I have noticed is that when […]

What Being An Unemployed Stay-At-Home-Dad Has Taught Me

There was a point in time when I considered myself a “part-time” Stay-At-Home-Dad.  I say part-time, because I was home three days out of the week taking care of our son.  It was probably the most exciting and rewarding time in my life, next to when I was planning the proposal to my wife.  Anyone […]

An Interview with Sean Kent from Modern Dads – A Look Into the Show

Since posting my first review of the A&E show Modern Dads, the reaction has been mixed.  We wanted to get a behind the scenes look at the show and in came Sean Kent, the step-dad on show.  Without further delay here is my conversation with Sean from the show. To start off, tell us what […]

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Tools of the Trade (The Most Needed Power Tools for Parents)

As parents, there are many things that are considered essential.  Diaper bag, car seat, crib, diapers (whether it is disposable or cloth diapers).  As our kids grow older and just like the homes that we live in, general maintenance is needed.   When you walk out to your garage you may look and wonder what […]

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Modern Dads – A Huge Miss by A&E

Modern Dads on A&E, upon first glance, was a step in the right direction for dads.  It appeared as though the media was starting to take note about dads being more involved in the family and raising children.  It is something that many dads are fighting to prove that we are an involved parent. Before […]

Laid-Off But Keeping Your Head Up

Currently, I fit the stereotype of dad who is the breadwinner. While that is changing in many families and will eventually change in our family, it gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing that I am the provider for my family. It gives me a sense of purpose every single day that I go to work.   […]

Father’s Day Gifts for the Soon-To-Be Dad

You are looking for a great Father’s Day gift. Maybe you know of a soon-to-be dad who is also a techie. Well here you go, Huggies has two great things to make your transition from pregnancy to fatherhood just a little bit easier. Now even if this were real, it is actually a pretty cool […]