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The Seed: Cancer in the Family Tree

The two pictures above depict two times we had four generations of direct father/son Taylor men together in one room. Three men in the first picture have fought with cancer. Today, I am proud to introduce you to my dad, Rick Taylor, as I welcome him as a guest writer for today. In this post […]

Testicular Cancer: The Hardest Kick in the Balls

By the ripe age of 29, I had suffered every hit to the groin imaginable. Fists, feet, randomly thrown objects, baseballs, tennis balls, soccer balls. I had fallen on my man parts, hit them on corners at work, and yes, even zipped them up once. Come on dudes, everyone can admit to this a least […]

Space: The Final Frontier

  “Space,” according to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly big it is.”     As far back as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by space. I used to watch space shuttle launches on television as a kid and just imagine […]

Remembering Self

A parent’s life can be hectic. VERY hectic. Children have a lot of needs it turns out. If you didn’t expect this when you had a child, then you quickly learned it. From feedings, to diapers, to endless hours rocking them to sleep. The toddler years in which you answer a million questions a day, […]

Parenting Through Cancer: A Dad’s Tale

Battling cancer is the hardest job I have had to date. It took more strength, more courage, and more heart than anything I have done in the past. I was lucky though. I didn’t suffer a lot of the serious symptoms brought on by chemotherapy. I didn’t have to have any extra surgeries other than […]

A Dad’s Anger

  My daughter was getting off the bus when I saw the tears shimmering in the sun. Her cry could be heard over all of the noise that the kids getting off of the bus were creating. She comes running towards my wife and I, immediately begging to be held. The source of these tears […]

Nightmares: Dealing with a Child’s Worst Dreams

My son wakes us from our slumber with a horrifying scream. The Wifey and I race from our bedroom and down the hall with Usain Bolt like speed. Little Dude is sitting up in his bed, shaking and sweating. His heart is beating so hard we can hear it and his sobs prevent him from […]

Being The Right Dad At The Right Time

I am constantly questioning myself with who I am as a dad. Pondering such points as “Am I protecting them the best I can?” and “Do they know they are being surrounded with as much love as is humanly possible to give?” I also wonder about their perception of me. Do they think I am awesome? […]