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Stumbling and Falling

I have a short temper that I often let get the best of me. I have a tongue that needs better controlling. I have a quick defensive mechanism that often causes more harm than it does writing any wrongs. These have been the downfall of my personality for the majority of my life. Maybe I’m […]

My Son is Such a Jerk

At least that’s what he says when he gets in trouble or told not to do something. “I know, I know! I’m such a jerk!” This has become a very recent response for him in the last week or so. I’m not even sure where he picked it up at other than school because nobody here […]

Perception vs My Reality: By Choice, Not by Circumstance

 There are many stereotypical perceptions when it comes to stay-at-home-dads and many phrases coined to describe them. I’ve heard just about all of them in the last two years since becoming an at-home parent. There’s the most hated “Mr. Mom”. Now, a lot of SAHDs don’t mind this term. But personally, I can’t stand it. […]

Yes I Have a Favorite Child

It’s true. People ask me all the time if I have a favorite. The answer is undoubtedly yes. There is one of my two that seems to have a more common bond with me. One child seems to always want me more when they are sad or just want to chill. There is one out […]

The Love of Children

Nothing demonstrates real love for another person as the love of a child for his/her sibling. I can see it in my kiddos eyes everyday. Now granted, this isn’t something I often witness because I’m used to catching them in the act of doing something wrong. But there are still those moments I catch where […]

Someday, Sometime, Somewhere

  Someday, Sometime, Somewhere: My children will think back on their years of younger age. They will recall to others their days of childhood, and those who raised them up. There will be joy, and tears. Remembering the better days, and the lower days. There will be embarrassing times recalled and times celebrated as forever […]

We Cannot Stop Hate

I would like to think that children are brought into the world without being capable of hate. That the development of this capability is a byproduct of their surroundings. Surely, pure, innocent, wonderful children, in their earliest of years, cannot know what hate is, experience it as we know it, or act on it. Hopefully […]

My Children, My Dearest

I know your faces. I know your smiles. I know your frowns. I know your happy from your sad, your angry from your hurt. I know your dances and your motions. I know your passions. I know your love for each other, brilliant and true. I know your thirst for affection, appetite for learning, and […]

Loose Change

I’ve been an at-home parent now for almost 2 years. Before leaving my job in May of 2012, I was home during the weekdays, and worked all day Saturday and Sunday. I had become mostly accustomed to being the primary caregiver then. At the time, it was very welcomed. I had worked for 3 years […]

Reclaiming the Holiday Season

A year ago at this time of year, I was in the home stretch of my treatment for advanced testicular cancer. The worst was behind us, and we were looking forward to what the future would hold after treatment. Despite my last chemo treatment being on December 18th, the plan was still for us to […]