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Neither Superheroes nor Gods: Dads are Dads

If you are a dad, and you are reading this, then raise your virtual hand if you have ever heard the following statement, or one similar to it. “Oh wow! A dad that actually helps take care of the kids and can do it on his own? You must be a superhero!” Sadly, I have […]

Daytime Memories and Nighttime Dreams: Family Vacation

It’s hard to believe it’s already over. Our annual pilgrimage to my hometown in South Carolina, visiting relatives, and heading to the beach. Family vacation came and went so quickly. A blink of the eye and we went from the excitement of first arriving to the sadness of packing up to head home. Not that […]

5 Tips for Attending Children’s Events

The school year is wrapping up around the country. Awards ceremonies, graduations, last school plays, are all in full swing. Students are excited for summer or being done with high school. Parents are preparing for the summer or crying their tears of “my baby is so grown up now”. My wife and I are no […]

To the Man I Call Dad: A Letter to My Father

To the Man I Call Dad: It’s been over 31 years since that day you welcomed your second child into the world. Maybe as a warning of things to come, the weather was not that great for a South Carolina winter. Still, you were there. The birth of a son to carry on the family […]

Reading Rainbow Reboot: Caitlin Dewey Missed the Mark

  By now I am sure you have already seen the storm of support out there for the Reading Rainbow reboot that has started sourcing its funding through Kickstarter. Reading Rainbow, and iconic show featuring LeVar Burton that aired on PBS from 1983-2009, is seeking to have its same impact on the lives of children […]

Five Tips to Keep Your Flower Bed from Being a Feline Lavatory

Spring. The wonderful time of year where trees turn green with new leaves, the animals come out of their deep winter slumber, and the flowers start to shed the last winter frost, and transform yards and gardens all over. Flowerbeds become little signs of hope as they are turned, sowed, and those seedlings poke through […]

Mid Evening in the Garden of Toddler and Screaming

It started off like most typical spring evenings. The sun starting to go down behind the hills, and a slight southerly breeze blowing in was helping to cool down the muggy, warm afternoon air. You could hear the sounds of kids playing at the park just down the sidewalk and birds chirping from the trees. […]

Parenting through Depression: Navigating the Landmine Mind

As I sit here and start to type this up, There are five tabs open in my browser. Facebook and Twitter which pretty much stay open all day while the kids are at school. Not that I’m really utilizing them well, but more, hoping to see notifications and mentions in a sad waiting game of […]

The Fat Albert Lesson: Helping Families Teach Non-Violent Resolution and Foster Self-Esteem

The Fat Albert cartoon was aired on TV a little before my time. I never got to enjoy new episodes as they aired. I have been able to enjoy them many years later through the magic of YouTube.   How can you not groove to the theme anytime you hear it? It’s simply awesome and […]

Gamecock Baseball: More than a Game

“Dad” says Little Dude, “When I grow up I’m going to play baseball just like Grayson Greiner.” “That would be okay with me son” I replied. What brought this little exchange on? Well, let me set the scene for you as you get ready to watch this little clip. It’s the bottom of the ninth inning, bases loaded, two […]