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Oren Miller: Father, Blogger, and Missed Man

“I believe in heaven on Earth, and I believe it is found anywhere you seek it.” These are the lasting words written by a man who changed the world just shortly before his death. Oren Miller, a well-known and respected dad blogger, had no intention and no idea he would change the world the way […]

Far Greater Men than I

That life should be so fragile and frail Especially to those who have the strength to strengthen others. Those who dream to dare others to dream. Far greater men than I. That the suffering of others becomes the pain of ours. When lives of great measure become lives of measured times. Oh that I could […]

Being 18 at 32

It was the fall of 2001. Despite the challenges, I had managed to graduate high school months before hand and was on my way to college. A bible college to be a little more specific. I know, not the kind of place you would think of me attending school. But then, it was where I […]

This Holiday Season: Do Good

It’s an iconic phrase from an iconic TV teacher. The reputable Mr. Feeny. In what I regard as one of the most emotional, inspiring, and tear jerking final scenes of any television show ever (and yes, this includes Breaking Bad), Feeny drops two words, correctly used, that can tell us more about how we need […]

The Maynard Decision: A Cancer Survivor’s Torn Views

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you know the story of Brittany Maynard. The 29-year-old was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma, a very aggressive form a brain cancer, and given just months to live beyond the initial diagnosis. Her and her family moved to Oregon shortly afterwards for the state’s “Death with […]

The Importance of Being a #HealthyDad plus Video Contest

Why do I choose to be a #HealthyDad? Well, because I don’t want to miss more moments like this. Loading View on Instagram By the time I had turned 29, I had become used to not having medical insurance. Any illness was treated by myself with mass quantities of over-the-counter medicines, and diagnosed through careful […]

Round Table Round Up: Fears, Evils, and Sorrows OH MY!

Somethings in life just can’t be explained. Others can be explained with a degree of certainty. And when all else fails, we can usually explain things with common sense, religion, science, or some form thereof. This is an especially difficult thing when it comes to explaining fears, sorrows, and evils to our kids. Let’s face […]

Why I H.A.T.E Going to My Kids Events: Parenting with Social Anxiety

It’s a mad scramble to make sure everyone is ready to go. Shoes? Socks? Do we need jackets? Where is my daughter? Keys? Got phones? Now where is my son? No honey those shoes don’t match each other, let alone your outfit. NO! You can’t have cheese puffs before going to get your picture made. […]

Looking Back at Demons and Infinite Infinities

Have you seen the movie “The Fault in Our Stars” or have you ever read the book? It’s a love story of tragic proportions. Two souls who cross paths at the crossroads of illness, confusion, fear, and death. A glimpse into what life is like for two young adults, both facing terminal cancer, and how to […]

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Back to School: Getting Back My Me Time

Not too long ago, I wrote about how everyone, including the kids, could use a break at this point. The summer has not been anything like what we had expected, and I’m afraid the kids will return to school this week and tell everyone that their summer mostly sucked because of it all. By the […]