Paulo Jennemann

I'm first generation Southern; my dad is from Ohio, and my mom is from Puerto Rico. My wife and I moved to Memphis, TN from Madrid, Spain, and we have two sons. I'm a high school Spanish teacher, a home cook, a dad, and a blogger. I don't always speak English after 7pm.

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Married to a Survivor

I’m married to a survivor. On December 9, 2013, my wife had a stroke. I was at work, and my next class was about to start when my wife called me. She told me her right arm felt tingly, she couldn’t smile straight, and I needed to get her to the hospital immediately. She was […]

Training for Fatherhood

My parents were visiting at the beginning of the summer, and as I was rolling around on the floor with my boys, I rattled off something to my dad in the moment that later felt poignant: “I don’t go to the gym as much as I do to train for a race; I train for […]

Baseball With My Boys

I never was athletic as a child. My ideal summer days revolved around reading a book from the comfort of my bed in the air conditioning! I did, however, enjoy playing catch with my dad in the afternoons after he got home from work, and we would go over to the park to play baseball […]

How to impress the in-laws with Puerto Rican cooking

Congratulations! You’ve been married for a few months now, and you’ve settled into a little routine. You’ve got your first place all set up with your mis-matched furniture, plates, glasses, and pretty much everything else as you and your bride have not only merged your lives, but your earthly possessions into one apartment the size […]

Meeting my American Wife in Madrid

I was living in Madrid, Spain, during the fall of 2003 for graduate school, but had to move back in with my parents in Georgia in January 2004 due to a serious illness. Two weeks later, I heard of a girl who had moved to Madrid. We had some mutual friends, and I kept hearing […]