J. Parrish Lewis

J. Parrish Lewis is the author of The Goblin Road, a fantasy novel and blogs at DeafDad.com. He was born and raised in Maryland. In his youth there, he and his brother had many adventures in the dogwood forests near his home. His nostalgia for these adventures has strongly influenced his characters, their relationships, and their perspective on the world they inhabit. He moved to California’s coast to earn his degree in communications and now lives with his family in the San Joaquin Valley. Lewis is profoundly deaf and uses American Sign Language to communicate. He enjoys hazelnut coffee, captioned movies, and walking his dog.

Posts by J. Parrish Lewis

The Slow Crawl of Bonding

My wife and I have three children, all of them through adoption. As their dad, I have a deep devotion to them, as it should be. I adore my children. The fact that they lack my genes doesn’t make me feel less of a dad to them than I would if they were biologically from […]

a dad and his coffee house

I have always enjoyed supporting independent businesses whenever I can, and coffee houses are especially a draw for me. We can chalk this up to my addiction to profound appreciation of coffee. There’s this coffee house that I started to frequent many years ago, that I spotted while driving to work one day in Visalia, […]

Things I’d like Invented Since Becoming a Dad

I invent things all the time, in my mind. The only problem is, I don’t actually make any of it. Some of it is stuff I think would be really innovative and make me a trillion dollars, but I’ll do that later. This morning, I sit here at 5:30am typing this post out at such a […]

Freedom for my Children

When I was a kid, my older brother Justin and I had so much freedom and we took it for granted. I don’t think I ever spared one moment to think about this freedom, because to me it was just a fact of childhood. Justin and I spent countless hours playing outside, mostly in the neighborhood, but often […]

How I Try to Meditate While Parenting

When I was very young, my father introduced me to meditation. A very Zen style of meditation that I enjoyed because I felt cool to do the practice. No, really, I thought it made me a cool kid. Most of the time, I thought of myself as this unpopular guy that everyone must think of […]

Sitting at the wall

I get hung up on results quite often. I have these concepts of what I want to be or what I want to exist in my life, and I take steps toward making that a reality. Yet in the process of doing this, I have this annoying habit of being drawn to outcomes. Results. If […]

Finding the Positive Moments

It’s a cliché to say that parenting is hard, but clichés are clichés for a reason: they’re often true. Most parents, if they’re being completely honest, will tell you that sometimes life is so stressful directly because of issues that arise with their kids. Not that parents have more stress than parents without kids — […]

Hey Kids, Daddy’s Deaf

“My Daddy is Death.” It’s a sentence all three of my kids have blurted out to random strangers while we are grocery shopping or hanging out at a playground.  I shrug off, with an awkward chuckle, the baffled expressions I get from anyone who hears those words. My older two children have since learned that […]