John Kowalski

John is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He is currently a retail manager in a company who shall remain nameless. He is the father of three awesome children, despite his parenting. He is fallable, imperfect and will tell you all about it, if someone doesn't beat him to it. He loves writing, with a passion, and uses it as both self-therapy and to help others.

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Five Reasons That Michiganders Are the Worst Drivers

Michigan, my current home state, has the worst drivers. But I’m not angry, well not at the moment at least. I’m safely at my desk writing this piece. My Jeep is silently parked in the garage safe from the terrors of the roads in Michigan, and recovering from the barrage of swearing it is exposed […]

I Hate Tom Brady

It has been a week since Tom Brady and his New England Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl title. I think I’m finally in a mental place to be able to write the article that I hoped I would never have to write. I may be wrong, but thankfully you won’t be able to see […]

Nerd Perspective: San Diego Comic-Con International

 Comic-Con International: San Diego is the grand–daddy of all comic convention and so much more. Founded in 1970 it was originally called the Golden State Comic Book Convention and it was exactly that. It was a gathering of people who loved comics, held by people who loved comics. As the convention grew through the years it […]

Living In Four Temples

The lives we lead can tend to be a mess. They are cluttered with people, responsibilities, hobbies, jobs, and so much more on a daily basis. It can all seem out of control. For a while in my life I avoided as much of it as I could. I didn’t want to develop friendships or […]

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Starting Over

I met my wife in 1994. It was the perfect storm – we found each other at just the right time in our lives and everything seemed to fall into place. Our first child, a son, was born less than a year later. We were overwhelmed, ecstatic, and challenged. Everything was new, and I do […]

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