Husband, father to two girls, dog walker, living with male pattern baldness. In addition to writing on his own site, Jimmy contributes to DadsRT,, and the Southern Berks News. He is the world record holder in his house for 'Best Hiding Spot' during Hide and Go Seek.

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My Lawn Mower


Like most suburbanites, I have a lawn mower. It is not a fancy self-propelled front wheel drive variable speed with electric start, mulching blade, four on the floor, air conditioning, and whatever else lawn care equipment has evolved in to these days.  My lawn mower looks like something you might find sitting in the front […]

Wonder Woman part 13


Black Adam and Wonder Woman have laid waste to much of Shiruta. Originally wanting nothing more than for peaceful talks and acknowledgment of his wrong doings, Wonder Woman entered the battle when Adam left her no choice. Now, she faces Black Adam’s onslaught and she may not survive.  *     *     * […]

The World’s Greatest

Busted Bracket

Wonder Woman part 12


Wonder Woman came to Kahndaq in secrecy in the hopes she could speak to Black Adam and convince him to turn himself over to international courts to stand trial for killing his citizens. Instead, her mission of secrecy and diplomacy has turned in to an old fashioned fist fight. Now, Wonder Woman lays motionless on […]

The World’s Greatest and the Case of the Unknown Forecast


Wonder Woman part 11


Wonder Woman has just felt the power of Black Adam. While trying to talk to the dictator about what he did to the citizens of the Kahndaq village of Anobi, tempers rose and Black Adam sent lightning crashing down on to the Amazon Princess. The result was Wonder Woman crashing in to the street outside […]

Wonder Woman part 10


In the Royal Chamber of the capital building in Shiruta, Black Adam had been interrogating citizens of his country in order to extract information about a possible coup. Black Adam’s interrogation has left one of the two men in his chamber dead. The second man was about to meet his end when Wonder Woman entered […]

Lunch Napkins

uncanny xmen 207 cover

My kids never buy their lunch from school.  Every night of the week, my wife and I pack their lunches.  It would be so much easier if they simply bought and saved my wife and I the 10 minutes it takes to perfectly match the correct juice box with the right kind of sandwich and […]

Wonder Woman part 9


Wonder Woman is in Kahndaq. She has come to the country to speak to Black Adam, Kahndaq’s ruler. Days ago, Black Adam killed an entire village of people save for one girl. A girl Wonder Woman has found and allied herself with to get to the capital city of Shiruta. * * * * * […]

Wonder Woman part 8


Wonder Woman and Sarita, a teenage girl and sole survivor from the village of Anobi, have made their way to Shiruta, the capital city of Kahndaq. Sarita has led Wonder Woman to the capital building. Wonder Woman is about to confront Black Adam, Kahndaq’s ruler, about his role in the mass murder of almost 100 […]