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Breaking the Tea Cup Generation

My wife informed me the other day that at the preschool our son attends the teachers will no longer use the term “time out” when a child is punished. Apparently, the phrase is no longer acceptable. An offending child is instead sent away for “thinking time.” Hmmm, I thought. Maybe the person who came up […]

The Sweet Spot of Life

When my grandfather was a young man — around 23 — he returned from World War II, got a job, got married and fathered a child. He worked a blue collar job to support his family, making about $50 a week. Back then, you could live on that. He told me a few years ago […]

Take a Breather

For this blog, I want you to take off your shoes, sit cross legged on the floor with a straight back, close your eyes and relax. This is a post about breathing. Why do we need a post about breathing, you might ask? Because most of us only make use of a very small part […]

Talking Like Trump

There’s a lot that I could say about the words that Donald Trump used in that Access Hollywood bus with Billy Bush. But I’ll refrain. Instead, I’d like to talk about how those words impact our children and reflect on us, as men, husbands and fathers. I’ve been in locker rooms throughout my life. Suffice […]

Compromise Is Not a Dirty Word

My wife and kids and I live in a house full of compromises. From the second we wake in the morning, compromises are being made: Who gets up first to deal with the kids? Who makes the lunches? Who takes which kid to school? Throughout the day, compromises continue: Who unloads the dishwasher? Who folds […]

Divorce in the Eyes of a Child

My parents are divorced. My wife’s parents are divorced as well. Those divorces lead to some head-scratching for our kids, 6 & 4. When we say that Poppy was married to Nana before married to Gramsy and Papa, it gets confusing. Same on my wife’s side of the family. It’s not a bad thing but […]

Adventures in T-Ball

My son, 6, made history during his first t-ball game this past weekend. Nope, he didn’t record the first unassisted triple play in t-ball history and he didn’t swat 3 mighty home runs. He set a record by being the first player to stop a 4-inning game 3 times for bathroom breaks. In his defense, […]

Who Are You?

Dads, I have a simple — or as you might realize after reading this — a not-so-simple question for you: Who are you? I don’t mean in the literal sense. You are the guy who works his job, takes care of his family and his home and tries to enjoy his life. What I mean […]

Baseball on the Radio

There once was an 8-year-old boy who so loved baseball that he would lie in his bed each summer night, with the massive stereo in his bedroom tuned to the radio home of the Baltimore Orioles. He would stay up past his bedtime but never long enough to hear the end of the game. His […]

Dreams of My Children

Get ready, everybody. In just a few years there’s going to be a revolutionary product on the market that promises to change every facet of your life. This product will make dreams come true, put you in control of your destiny and possibly bring you fame, fortune and all that goes with it. What is […]