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2017 To-Do List

I’m a lover of lists. Grocery lists. Lists of chores. Lists of people to call. Lists of lists that I need to make. I make a new list every few days for all sorts of reasons like reminding me what needs to be done short-term, long-term and longer-term. One of the joys of my life […]

‘Twas the Day After Christmas

Here’s my spin on the holiday classic, albeit a few days early. Enjoy! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah & a blissful, successful & healthy New Year. *********************** ‘Twas the day after Christmas And all through the house Not a creature was stirring ‘Cept me and my spouse The stockings were ripped from […]

The Magic of Santa

My kids live in the wheelhouse for Santa Claus. They’re 6 and 4 and genuinely believe that Santa and his elves are working fastidiously to bring them all the items on their lengthy wish list. At the top of my oldest’s wish list this year is a laptop, which Santa will NEVER bring him. The […]

Evenings with Robert

It began with a quick search of the classifieds for a used car. I was in my mid-20’s and I desperately needed a new vehicle. One of the ads immediately caught my attention — a Honda Civic with low miles and a good price. Sensing that I was not the only suitor for the car, […]

The Example of Jim Harbaugh

For the son of a longtime college football coach, Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh did not learn one very important lesson at his father’s feet — not blaming the referees for his team’s loss. In case you missed it, the Michigan-Ohio State football game last weekend was one for the ages. It pitted two premier, […]


On the way to dropping off my 6-year-old at first grade one day last week he made an observation. “Daddy, this sidewalk is really messy,” he told me. This was a few days after Halloween and there were candy wrappers, lollipop sticks and other trash all over the sidewalk and grass near his school. It […]

End Polling Now!

No matter which side of the recent presidential election you were on, you should be concerned about something — the accuracy and reliability of election year polling. Polling is likely to be one of the casualties of the election and count me among those who will not shed a tear at its demise. If you […]

The Year of the Beard

About a year ago, I did something I’ve never done in my 30 years of shaving. I grew a beard. I work in a profession where beards are frowned upon. They were considered unprofessional and inappropriate for my white-collar job. Then, Movember gave me a reprieve. In an act of charity, my boss decided to […]

Breaking the Tea Cup Generation

My wife informed me the other day that at the preschool our son attends the teachers will no longer use the term “time out” when a child is punished. Apparently, the phrase is no longer acceptable. An offending child is instead sent away for “thinking time.” Hmmm, I thought. Maybe the person who came up […]

The Sweet Spot of Life

When my grandfather was a young man — around 23 — he returned from World War II, got a job, got married and fathered a child. He worked a blue collar job to support his family, making about $50 a week. Back then, you could live on that. He told me a few years ago […]