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My Wife & I Are in Therapy

I’m not ashamed to admit that a few weeks ago I attended a counseling session with my wife. The stigma  is, if you go to therapy then your marriage must be on the rocks and you’ve got a divorce lawyer on speed dial. In some cases, that may be true. Not for us. In fact, therapy […]

A Super Bowl Family Story

The big story of Super Bowl 47 is the sibling rivalry between head coaches John and Jim Harbaugh. But there’s another, lesser-known family story this year — my father and I finally watching a Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl together. Have you seen that story on ESPN? Probably not. But in my world it’s big news. […]

Guns, Kids & Newtown

A few weeks ago I made an appointment for a gun safety class at a gun range. I have little experience with firearms — no one in my family owned them and the closest I came to gun ownership was a Super Soaker used in epic water gun battles in college. I didn’t even fire […]

The Hugger

The sound of a child’s laughter echoed through the mall the other day. I heard it and so did toddler. He took off running in search of it and soon saw a youngster — maybe 3 years old — walking and laughing with his family. Then my son did something I didn’t expect. He walked […]

Learning to Give

‘Tis the season to give, they say. But shouldn’t it ALWAYS be the season to give? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Ann Curry’s #26Acts movement after the tragedy in Newtown inspired me to try and help others in tiny but memorable ways. Maybe the school shooting will have a lasting impact of […]

A Pledge to my Wife & a Gift for my Boys

I love you. You know that. I tell you often and I hope that you feel it. But I’m not sure I always show you how much I love you. And that is something I pledge to work to change. Last week, during a rapid-fire, entertaining Dads Roundtable chat on Twitter we discussed the topic […]

A Children’s Book with Adult Lessons

I worship at the altar of Dr. Seuss. A few weeks ago, I introduced our toddler to “Green Eggs and Ham.” The premise is baked into our brains — this weird looking hairy guy is stalked by some mini-dude who politely but insistently demands that he eat a disgusting looking plate of green eggs and […]

Battle for a Man

They lay there injured and sagging, alone and useless. Like a wounded animal, they barely had the strength to cry for help. Concerts. Game nights, Europe. Traveling. Their value, their sustenance came from my using them and I hadn’t. They were neglected and rejected. Golf. Movies. Friends. Yoga. With each halting breath, they died a […]

My Mini-Me

It began with a bowl of popcorn. My wife, 2 year old and I were digging in and sharing a light snack. I’ve been known to grab fistfuls of popcorn and quickly slam them into my mouth, depending on how hungry I am. Suddenly, I noticed toddler doing the same. With each mouthful, he looked […]