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Being Second. A Letter to my Son.

My dear son, Your clothes are hand me downs. Your bed had been slept in hundreds of times before you were born. Your favorite toys once brought enjoyment to another. Your entire life probably feels second hand. Rarely do you have mommy and daddy to yourself and when you do, the time is limited. You’re […]

Talkin’ Baseball

He was a career .249 hitter with just 8 home runs in more than 250 games played in the major leagues. But to me, he was the most important professional baseball player who ever lived. His name was Al Rubeling and he deserves more than a footnote in the pantheon of baseball players not necessarily […]

Feeding a Bear

He sat there staring — all furry and quiet. Safe in his domain. Through a pair of chain link fences, my son stood there wide-eyed, seeing for the first time an animal that he had only seen in books and videos. I wished I could crawl into his head and read his mind. Was he […]

The Whiner

Hi. My name is Happiestdaddy and my kid is a whiner. It’s as if he secretly enrolled in the John McEnroe School of Whining. He whines when he wants something. He whines when he can’t do something. He whines when he doesn’t get his way. He whines when we ask him to stop whining. Don’t […]

28 Things My Kids Teach Me Everyday

I don’t know much. But I know that I try my best each day to teach my kids — showing them right from wrong and how to treat others. Ultimately, I think my kids teach me at least as much as I teach them. Here are some of the blessings they provide me every day: […]

The Spirited Child

Like all families we have rules in our house. They’re not onerous: No climbing on furniture No playing in the cat box No coming out of your bed after bedtime My wife and I make the rules, of course, but our 3-year-old — a spirited child — doesn’t understand that. Here’s a recent conversation: ME: […]

Adventures in Potty Training

Over the past 12 months my wife and I have been peed on, pooped on and cleaned up more human waste than a janitor in an elementary school. The only thing missing from our potty training adventure is the large yellow industrial bucket and those flakes the custodian uses to cover vomit. This month marks […]

Dads & Doulas

Let me set the scene. My wife is a couple of months pregnant with our first child and we’re discussing who we want in the delivery room. I’m about to learn a new word — doula. “I want to hire a doula,” she told me. “A what?” I say. “A doula — a birth coach […]

What We Learn from the Bullying of Rebecca Sedwick

The case of Rebecca Sedwick hit me hard. She is the teenager from Lakeland, Florida who police believe was cyber-bullied by classmates to the point of her taking her own life last week. Her story resonates with me personally and should serve as a cautionary tale for all parents. More than 20% of teens say […]

Technology and Toddlers: Too Much, Too Soon?

There’s a phrase we hear often from our toddler: “I want to play with the iPad.” Every time I hear it I’m conflicted about his pending technology addiction. On one hand, it’s fascinating to me that he already knows how to perform some basic functions on a technological device that he will grow up using. […]