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The Legend of the Napping Preschooler

Somewhere off in a distant and primitive land, according to legend, lives a creature so mysterious, so frightening, so puzzling that it defies not only logic but all laws of nature. This creature is akin to the yeti or Bigfoot, fantastical enough to inspire the masses to wonder if it actually exists. I would spend […]

Saying Goodbye to the Family Home

In 1952, they walked up the stone steps for the first time. Proud homeowners, they considered the small, brick, three-story row home a castle. It had three bedrooms and one bathroom — an embarrassment of riches for a working class man and his wife. It was also a place they could raise their growing family […]

The Power of Yes

Sometimes parenting small children feels like a never-ending stream of negativity. “Don’t dig in the garbage!” “Don’t climb on the table.” “No, you cannot smash play-doh into the carpet.” A few weeks ago — during a typically testy nap time for our 3-year-old — I learned about the power of yes. The child was resisting […]


Earlier this week I was teaching my 3-year-old to ride his new bike. As we slowly rode down the street an older woman pulled up in her car next to me and bent my ear. “This is so cute,” she exclaimed. “I remember teaching my boys to ride their bikes. It seems like yesterday.” Since […]

Making Family Memories

He glanced out the window and shrieked. “Oh my gosh! It’s snowing,” he exclaimed with the kind of joy that instantly melts troubles away and brings smiles to the hardest of hearts. This was no regular snowfall. This was a snowfall for two boys who live their lives in Florida and only see snow in […]

Children of Divorce & the Holidays

It was the first time that I’d ever seen my father cry. It was the moment my parents explained to my sister and I that their marriage was over, that our family life would never be the same and that for the rest of our lives their divorce would color many of our family experiences […]

The First Referee

It was a warm summer day in the Garden of Eden. Adam was working around the hut, Eve was washing loincloths while Cain and Abel played in a nearby field. Suddenly, a cry rang out. Then a shriek. Then the sounds of boys fighting. Adam and Eve ran to see what the trouble was and […]

Help! The Toys “R” Us Christmas Catalog is Making my Kid Crazy!

Oh boy. Toys “R” Us and their perfect playsets. The Toys “R” Us Christmas catalog arrived at our house a few weeks ago and turned our 3-year-old son into a playset addict. He’s antsy. He’s preoccupied. He’s out of his mind. When he hears the word “playset” he practically begins salivating and I think I […]

My Superman

He is as unassuming as Clark Kent. He wears a belt made of rope and shoes filled with holes. He cares nothing for accolades or being in the limelight. He is as selfless as Mother Teresa. And even though he can’t fly, stop a bullet with his teeth or see through walls, he has plenty […]

“Who Did What?” A Marriage Game

Ah, marriage. My wife and I struggle with many of the same issues that plague other married couples with little children, like a sporadic lack of communication, occasional differences of opinion on child-raising and, most often, stupid things that I say without thinking. But there’s one argument that we seem to have over and over […]