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Why I Ignore My Kids

Let me be clear — I love my kids. Ninety percent of the time they are perfect angels who bring unbridled joy into our household. But there are moments. Oh, there are moments. There are moments when my boys — 3 and 1 — turn into raging, demanding, insatiable, life-sucking little monsters who could force […]


A few months ago when I would pick up my 22-month-old and flip him over or turn him upside down, he would tense his body, start whining and grab on to me for dear life. He was terrified that I might drop him. Today when I playfully flip him over, he has a different reaction. […]

Long Distance Grandparents

February froze large swaths of the country, left us wondering what to do for fun after the Super Bowl and – gasp! – gave us a totally unnecessary reboot of “RoboCop.” In other words, not many reasons to get out of bed in the morning. February is a month that — save for Valentine’s Day […]

Things Kids Say (From the Mouths of Babes)

Legend has it that when I was 4 years old I left a shoe on the stairs and nearly caused my father to fall and break his neck. Fortunately, my charm and quick wit helped me avoid a major punishment. When my father scolded me I looked at him and said, “Don’t say me dammit, […]

The Secret to a Happy Home is a Dad Who Does Laundry

My knowledge of laundry rivals my knowledge of nuclear physics. I barely know whites from colors. I definitely don’t know when to wash in warm, cold, or hot. And there are more choices on my washing machine than there are on the dollar menu at McDonald’s. But I do know one thing — the secret […]

Romance in the Time of Children

Jerry Seinfeld once said that “a man will always trade sleep for sex.” I used to agree with him. Then I had kids. Now, I will trade just about anything for sleep — including one of my kids. After a day full of parks, playtime, meals, shopping, cleaning, cooking, bath time and bed time the […]

Dad’s Adventures in Grocery Shopping

With my wife back to work, I’m often wading into the minefield of doing the grocery shopping solo with my sons, 3 & 1. The only thing that gets me through is the promise of a free cookie at the end of the trip, graciously provided by the store. It’s a miniature life preserver that […]

A Dad’s Diary

“What a beautiful, relaxing family day! J loved the train rides at the park and H couldn’t get enough of climbing on the playground. One of the other moms told us it seems like J has “never met a stranger.” He’s an engaging, outgoing, happy child. He makes Mommy & Daddy so proud. Today he […]

The Legend of the Napping Preschooler

Somewhere off in a distant and primitive land, according to legend, lives a creature so mysterious, so frightening, so puzzling that it defies not only logic but all laws of nature. This creature is akin to the yeti or Bigfoot, fantastical enough to inspire the masses to wonder if it actually exists. I would spend […]

Saying Goodbye to the Family Home

In 1952, they walked up the stone steps for the first time. Proud homeowners, they considered the small, brick, three-story row home a castle. It had three bedrooms and one bathroom — an embarrassment of riches for a working class man and his wife. It was also a place they could raise their growing family […]