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The Political Divide

There have been endless articles, tweets and videos shared over the past 2-3 years chronicling the divide between groups and individuals who don’t see eye to eye on the administration of President Donald Trump.  Families are divided. Spouses are divided. Friends are divided. Heck, even the country is divided.  This week I experienced the full […]

A Parenting Manual?

My son, 8, comes up with some whoppers.  The other day we had this conversation — or some reasonable facsimile thereof:  8: “Dad, when you became a dad how did you know what to do?” Me: “Well, I asked a lot of other parents and your grandparents questions and mommy and I kinda winged it.” […]

Why I Took My Kids to School Today

Today was “Dads Take Your Child to School Day” at my kids’ school and at all schools across Florida. It’s a fairly unremarkable event other than receiving a sticker and a handshake from our principal. But what the day lacks in pomp and circumstance it makes up for in importance.  On this day, “DADS” stands […]

Just Do It — One Thing at a Time

As I write this blog I’m listening to a podcast, keeping an ear tuned to how my children are getting along and boiling water for our family dinner tonight. This is standard procedure for me. After all, years ago a fortune cookie predicted my multi-tasking prowess when it told me, “Your ability to juggle many […]

The Unnecessary Race to a Career Path

I teach college and I encounter dozens of young men and women each year, striving to better themselves and become successful adults. It is a joy to shepherd them along the path, even if just for a brief time.  By talking to them, I’ve learned a lot. They are smart and plugged in, with a […]

Dad’s Review: Disney’s Toy Story Land

We are just back from a quick trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL, where we spent the bulk of our time at the new Toy Story Land, which opened earlier this summer. Here’s an unvarnished view of the much-anticipated section of Hollywood Studios from a dad who spends way too much time and WAAAYYYY […]

3D Guns Are a Thing?

Two weeks ago, 3D printable guns were low on my expanding list of things to worry about in these fraught times. In fact, it wasn’t on the list at all. I didn’t even know 3D guns were a thing. The only thing I’ve printed on a 3D printer is a Pokemon figure that the local […]

The Summer Tease

This is an ode to temporary summer.  The summer of sleeping in. The summer of lazy mornings and laughter from the pool.  The summer of late bedtimes and movie nights.  I love this summer.  The summer of no packed lunches and little homework, endless Netflix and suggested reading lists.  The summer of a wife home […]


I heard an old song the other day that I hate. In fact, I can barely listen to it. It’s not a song that you might think — of a song that you’ve probably thought of over the past 15 years. It’s a song that has always bothered me, focused on a topic that cuts […]

Please Stop Separating Families

This being a family blog I feel it necessary to say a few words about the Trump Administration’s Zero Tolerance immigration policy, resulting in the separation of children from their parents who were trying to enter this country illegally.  First, as a sovereign nation, we must protect our borders. We cannot allow anyone and everyone […]