I am a man, and by my wife’s standards that makes me flawed. My challenge to parents, and to myself, is not to teach my kids about the kind of person I hope them to become one day, but to become that person today.

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Do You Tell Your Kids The Truth About Monsters?

When I put my kids to bed, one will inevitably ask me to close their closet door. My kids share a room and sleep with a lantern on, because the darkness is scary; it represents the unknown to them. Being afraid of the dark is a normal milestone for kids to reach, because it means […]

RTD: Secrets to Love and Intimacy

In order to create and maintain a long-lasting relationship, there are principles that everyone should consider in how to have the best life together possible.  These may not be the only tips, but they can be applied to anyone and everyone. #5 is that you recognize yourself when you’re with the other person. This doesn’t mean […]

5 Things ALL Parents Should Believe

The following is a short list of some basic things I feel every parent believes.  If you disagree that is fine, but ask yourself what you truly believe.  This is just what I believe, and what I think many others also feel (deep down) about parenting. 1. My kids are AMAZING INDIVIDUALS. They are a mixture […]

RTD: Elf on the Shelf and Other Christmas Bribes

‘Tis the season to teach our kids about the wonders of bribery.  There is nothing better than knowing that for the month of December (and some of November if you work it right) you can get your kids to do just about anything you want them to.  I enjoy this time of year knowing that […]

Why This Dad Kisses His Son

My son is almost 5 years old, and my highlight with him is the kisses we share between us. We went through a phase where he would only give me raspberry kisses, but now he gives me normal ones and raspberry kisses. Sometimes he squeezes my head as hard as he can when he gives […]

RTD: Discipline or Intimidation in Parenting

There is nothing I can say in regards to spanking and Adrian Peterson that Chris Carter doesn’t say in this video.  You can stop the video after he’s done talking. I was spanked, but my wife and I made the choice together not to spank our kids.  It was never the physical pain that I […]

RTD: New School Year’s Resolutions

This Week’s RTD is a video Post.  Check it out below, and we will see you Wednesday Night. ~JB

RTD: Setting Parenting Goals

Sometimes just the process of goal-setting can be beneficial.  However, setting goals is something few people do and even fewer know HOW to do correctly.  This is not something I have done before, or would have thought to do on my own.  I found myself reflecting on a question my wife asks me all the time, […]

RTD: Is Summer Break Just Back-to-School Season?

Is there actually a summer vacation season, or is it always back-to-school season? Do you like it? I am one of the teachers on the Dads Round Table crew, and I do my best to enjoy as much of the summer as possible. However, just barely after the 4th of July and the the back-to-school […]

3 Reasons to See Guardians of the Galaxy

I wasn’t always of fan of Cosmic Marvel, until recently and it started with the Annihilation story line.  In this story and unstoppable force from another dimension rips through the universe decimating every civilization in crosses.  After reading this, I found myself picking Guardians of the Galaxy and I found a comic I did not […]