I am a man, and by my wife’s standards that makes me flawed. My challenge to parents, and to myself, is not to teach my kids about the kind of person I hope them to become one day, but to become that person today.

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RTD: Hanging in the #BeerGarden

RTD Hanging in the Beer Gargen 2

Every once in a while we open up our weekly chats to have a time to just hang out with some of our favorite people and enjoy the DadsRT community.   … [Read more...]

RTD: Raising Boys or Girls: Why the Differences?

RTD Raising Boys or Girls

There are obvious differences when raising boys and girls that are apparent when they are babies.  For example, boys have penises and girls have … [Read more...]

RTD: Building Independent Kids

RTD-Building Independent Kids

The thought processes of children is flawed.  Their logic is incomplete.  So how do we help them grow to become functioning independent members of … [Read more...]

10 Lessons from 10 Years of Marriage

10 Lessons from 10 Years of Marriage In a couple weeks I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage.  I am no marriage expert, which my wife will gladly be a … [Read more...]

RTD: Surviving the Phases Our Kids Go Through

RTD-Surviving the Phases our Kids Go Through

One of the worst things I can ever remember hearing as a young parent was, "Don't worry, it's just a phase.  They'll outgrow it."  To some this can be … [Read more...]



Dads are critical. Dads are necessary. Dads are engaged. It's Father's Day Week here on The Round Table.  We are so excited about the community … [Read more...]

RTD: The Kids and Summer Break

RTD Kids and Summer

Structure vs. leisure.  Family time vs. independence.  Summer jobs, Summer shows, Summer camps, and Summer trips.  What is important to you for your … [Read more...]

Passive-Aggressive Misogyny Among Special Needs Staff

YesAllWomen FI

With the prevalence of the #YesAllWomen social media wake-up call that illustrated just how blind men are to the sexual harassment we inflict on … [Read more...]

RTD: Re-Parenting After the Grandparents

RTD Re-Parenting After Grandparents

My kids have the BEST grandparents in the history of history.  I know this because they are always distraught and upset when they see me arrive to … [Read more...]

Mom, You Were Supposed to Be the Best Grandma

Mom you were supposed to be the best gma

Time and time again I've heard people say the longer they are a parent, the more they understand theirs. Unfortunately, the opposite sentiment is what … [Read more...]