I am a man, and by my wife’s standards that makes me flawed. My challenge to parents, and to myself, is not to teach my kids about the kind of person I hope them to become one day, but to become that person today.

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Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Why Have You Forsaken Me

The longer I’m a parent, the less I understand mine. I don’t know what it feels like to have parents who would do anything to be around their children, or grandchildren. I do know what it’s like to have set reasonable boundaries as I started to build a marriage. I also know what it’s like […]



There is something about taking a moment to be alone with your thoughts.  There is something sacred about being in-tuned with your own inner workings.  Maybe it’s the introvert in me trying to speak out, but I have not felt like myself over the past year or so, and I couldn’t figure out what it was.  I […]

My Interview With Myself as a New Dad

Interview With Myself

If I knew then what I know now…  At least that’s the idea. If we had our current knowledge in the past, we wouldn’t fall into the patterns we fall into time and time again. These patterns are strong and difficult to break. Many times we don’t recognize the patterns because they reoccur is different […]

What Kids Think About Gay Marriage

What Kids Think About Gay Marriage

I will be honest, I was initially worried about the types of questions I would have to answer or address when taking my kids to a wedding ceremony for someone close to me, who happens to be gay.  I soon realized that my worries were unfounded.  My kids are 8 and 5, and even the […]

Marriage and the Incomplete Man

Marriage and the Incomplete Man

It was a mistake… It didn’t mean anything… I was weak. These are phrases that break a family apart. We watch it over and over again as a husband allows himself to slowly creep down the not-so-slippery slope of infidelity. We learn amazing ways to justify what leads us into these situations, and try to […]

Roundtable Review: Boom Bat

Boom Bat

I have an unfair advantage when it comes to being a parent in the Summer.   I am a teacher,  and even though I don’t have the salary that causes envy,  I do have a schedule that makes people jealous.   I have summers off,  and get to spend them with my family.  While memories are being […]

Struggle Precedes Progress

Struggle Precedes Progress

Somewhere along the lines we got it in our collective American minds that we can have our cake and eat it too.  We have forgotten that when we make our bed, we must, at some point, lie in it.  The past few weeks have brought to the surface an underlying current of biases and prejudices […]

A Roundtable Review of Pens

Roundtable Review Pens

David Stanley I like a good pen. A good pen has to have a certain heft and a particular balance. A good pen offers an effortless flow of ink. A good pen is unyielding; the cheap flexy logo-ed pens given out by political candidates are not useful. Size matters- a good pen is of a […]

Countdown of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Avengers AoU

This is a countdown of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies up to today.  Though I am excited for Ant-Man, I do not yet know where it will fit on this list.  I know some may disagree with me, so I’d love to hear your thought in comments or on Twitter.  However, this is how and why […]

A Roundtable Review of Shaving

Roundtable Review of Shaving

A Roundtable Review is our way to give you more than one perspective on subjects, products, events, and more.  What we will do is include the input of several members of the Dads Roundtable and allow you to get a bigger picture of what we review. The first review is going to SHAVING.   James: I […]