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Will Greece get a Haircut in the Eurozone?

Just yesterday I decided to take a moment from my usual summer intellectual pursuits (reading comics and playing Clash of Clans) to understand just what the hell is going on in Greece. Each article I read left me more confused than the last. Soon my tabs were full of search results for questions like: What […]

Best Buy and the Father’s Day Gifts Dads Want

The best Father’s Day gift is simply being a dad. I don’t expect anything on Sunday morning but I know my wife and kids have some surprises planned and a few gifts tucked away in the hard-to-see regions of their closets. My kids are in school so there will be a couple of crafts headed […]

What You Need to Know About Star Wars Fans

We know Star Wars is a very profitable franchise. Yep. We heard about Disney. We know the clothing racks and toy aisles are overflowing with Star Wars swag. And we understand the extensive “News Coverage” surrounding the filming of the upcoming movies is promotional and a chance for bloggers and networks to accrue pageviews and […]

Snowmen are Weird


The Three Little Adults

“Congratulations, boys!” Principal Boar cheered, “I wish you all the best in the future.” John, Jacob, and Schmidt couldn’t believe they had finally graduated high school. They couldn’t wait to move out on their own and begin a new life in the city. They had already rented an apartment and as an added bonus, their […]

7 Signs You May have a Parenting Disorder

Do you have a Parenting Disorder? Read on and see. 1. Irrational Fears Afraid to make any noise after 8pm in case it wakes up the kids and then they’ll stay up for the rest of the night? Obsessively reading labels in case they contain an obscure type of plastic that may or may not […]

Top 5 TV Cartoon Dads

The obvious choices for top TV Cartoon Dads aren’t necessarily the greatest dads, they’re just the most popular. In creating this list, I went beyond Homer, Fred, and Peter to the dads in their shadows. Number 5: Joe Swanson Joe does his best to be a model citizen and for the most part is a […]

Clash of Clans: Guide for Parents

The first three sections below address parental concerns. Following, if you are interested in playing Clash of Clans, I have a section for strategies that have been very useful for me. Is Clash of Clans safe for my kids to play unsupervised? As with anything, it depends on the age of your children and your family […]

2015 Spring Collection


Division is Difficult

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