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Classy Gifts for the In-Laws

Christmas is coming soon, fellas, and if you’re looking for the right gifts for your in-laws, peruse this list of amazing gift items sure to impress even the hardest people to buy for. While you shouldn’t have to buy their approval, these gifts definitely don’t hurt in cementing your position as their favorite son-in-law. Read […]

There’s Ship in the Toilet!

In the last comic, Gin and Bud thought it would be cool to see a toy boat swirl in the toilet. Much to their dismay, the boat plugged the toilet. Rather than stay home to face the music, they decided to head over to Gram’s house to hide from the inevitable consequences. Time for Gin […]

Quiet Kids Means Trouble

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. If the kids are quiet, there’s trouble. Luckily for Gin and Bud, they have a grandma who is sympathetic to their plight. Gram to the rescue!

Sometimes Parents Need Alcohol and Ice-Cream

Last week I introduced the Yukons, a family of snowmen – or should I say snow-people? You can read about it here: Introducing the Yukon Family. For your convenience, I have included the 2 comics from that post below along with 2 brand new Snowed In comics featuring Gin, Bud, Jim, and Tam. Parenting is […]

When Children’s Books Become Television Shows

Whenever a book is adapted for film, my initial reaction is disappointment. Can’t it just stay a book? More often than not, I watch the movie. More often than not, the book is better than the film. To be fair, I think novelizations of film are rarely as good as the movie. Movies should be […]

Snowed In: Introducing the Yukon Family

Snowed In Comics is going beyond single-panel jokes. I have created a family of snowmen I call the Yukons. A lot of the humour and inspiration is close to home, but we all know -it’s funny because it’s true- is better than contrived any day. I know my artistic abilities are limited. This lack of technical […]

Frugal Guide to Buying Toys

Toys are expensive. These days it seems even cheap toys are expensive. Whether or not Christmas is just around the corner or you can still see it in the rearview mirror, parents are always buying toys. Why? Besides birthdays, we celebrate just about everything these days. For some reason we feel these celebrations should come […]

Home Repair for Unhandy Homeowners

Some people can fix just about anything. Yesterday I watched my neighbour disassemble, repair, and reassemble a carburetor for his son’s ATV in the time it took me to drink a beer. I would’ve offered to help but I didn’t want to spill my beer. Anyway, the ATV started on the first pull. I wish […]

Extremely Ethical Diet

After reading a vegan argument against the consumption of eggs, I began seriously thinking about the ethics of eating. To quickly rehash the argument, Laying Hens are selectively bred to produce eggs of an unnaturally large size and at unnaturally high rate which is consequently detrimental to the quality of life of the hen. In short, eating […]

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