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Tips to Help Your Child Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

Bedtime routines and sleeping patterns can be very troublesome for parents.  Here are 5 tips that just might make a difference. Paint color has been shown to have an influence on sleeping habits.  Soft, muted tones are best for creating a warm, relaxed atmosphere. A dimming light switch and soft light can help your child wind down for […]

Technology in the Bedroom

  Whether it is a wi-fi television, a hand-held gaming system, a smartphone, computer, or tablet, allowing your child to use wi-fi technology in the bedroom comes with considerable risks. We all know this.   How do we deal with it?     My oldest is 5 and I’m already being faced with an issue […]

I am going to Hell for this.

  Bang! Maintenance was doing some work in the crawl space beneath the classroom floor. What was that? Of course I didn’t tell my students I knew what was going on.  Why?  I’m an idiot and would much rather create a little chaos and then get upset about it later when the kids, for some […]

Toys in the Bedroom

Get your mind out of the gutter. Toys in the bedroom: should you or shouldn’t you?  Here’s how I see it: Some children cannot handle toys in the bedroom.  Rather than going to sleep at bedtime, they want to play; or, worse, they wake in the middle of the night and play. Solution: If you want […]

The Dark Side of the Sandbox

Every time our kids come home from the playground, There is sand in their shoes, Sand in their pockets, Sand in their underwear, Sand in their EVERYWHERE! Sandbox sand isn’t ordinary sand.  It laughs at vacuum cleaners as it uses its black magic powers to cling to the floor, slowly covering every surface in the […]

Go Outside and Live!

  I’m bored… Go outside and play!   Outside!  Outside is even boring-er than inside! I was an outdoor kid.  Other than meals, sleeping, and school, I was outside.  I don’t remember ever saying I was bored unless I was trapped inside because the weather was really bad.  Thankfully, my kids are outdoor kids too because it drives […]

Top 3 Ways to Reduce Baby Debt

We are past the baby stage!  Looking back, it was an amazing time but pretty hazy due to sleep deprivation.  Thankfully, I have this blog and thousands of photos and videos to refresh my memory. With the experience of being a dad to infants behind me, I tried to think of how I could pass […]

Local Travel Can Be Very Rewarding

I think it is important to travel.  Traveling doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hop in a plane and cross the globe.  Sometimes it means camping at a nearby site or a short road-trip. Local traveling: typically inexpensive quality family time builds a sense of local pride. There are some hidden gems only hours from your […]