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Goggle Men Invade Earth


My son created the Goggle Men characters while playing with his Legos. He's 4. He ripped the body off of a Lego Man and discovered the remaining leg … [Read more...]

Wrong Side of the Branch

BJ Leaf

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She is so GMO

GMO Flower

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Back in the Saddle

James Hudyma in Studio

Many moons ago I played with a couple of amazing musicians, Quinn and Cam. We called ourselves The Furleys. We wrote songs, played shows, and recorded … [Read more...]

3 Real-Life Princesses Who Didn’t Need Magic to Kick Butt

Photo Credit: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1a/Spring_Outing_of_the_Tang_Court.jpg

Thanks to the wildly popular Disney movie, Frozen, princesses are not just for girls anymore. As a father of a son and a daughter, I am happy to see … [Read more...]

Walking Among Giants in Cathedral Grove

The foot of a giant Douglas Fir.

Cathedral Grove is located on British Columbia's Vancouver Island in MacMillan Provincial Park. Our family spent an afternoon there and were … [Read more...]

Road to Adventure

Rocky Mountain Highway

Every summer we travel home. We always go to the same place: Waskesiu in Prince Albert National Park. This place is very special to our family. My … [Read more...]

How to Make A Campfire Pizza

How to Make a Campfire Pizza

Campfire food tastes so much better than regular food. Probably because it is so high in the holy trinity of flavor: salt, sugar, and fat. Campfire … [Read more...]

Alberta Wild Rose

Alberta Wild Rose Flower

Every province in Canada has an official Provincial Flower. As a kid I wondered why a province would bother with having an official flower. It wasn't … [Read more...]

A Beautiful Story of a Father’s Day Surprise: WestJet and RMHNA


If you think all companies are only looking at the bottom line, then you need to take a closer look at WestJet. Together with Ronald McDonald House, … [Read more...]