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Best Buy and the Father’s Day Gifts Dads Want

best buy

The best Father's Day gift is simply being a dad. I don't expect anything on Sunday morning but I know my wife and kids have some surprises planned … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Star Wars Fans


We know Star Wars is a very profitable franchise. Yep. We heard about Disney. We know the clothing racks and toy aisles are overflowing with Star … [Read more...]

Snowmen are Weird

Eating a Banana is Funny

  … [Read more...]

The Three Little Adults

Three Pigs

“Congratulations, boys!” Principal Boar cheered, “I wish you all the best in the future.” John, Jacob, and Schmidt couldn’t believe they had … [Read more...]

7 Signs You May have a Parenting Disorder


Do you have a Parenting Disorder? Read on and see. 1. Irrational Fears Afraid to make any noise after 8pm in case it wakes up the kids and then … [Read more...]

Top 5 TV Cartoon Dads

Ned Flander Feature Image

The obvious choices for top TV Cartoon Dads aren't necessarily the greatest dads, they're just the most popular. In creating this list, I went beyond … [Read more...]

Clash of Clans: Guide for Parents

Clash of Clans Village

The first three sections below address parental concerns. Following, if you are interested in playing Clash of Clans, I have a section for strategies … [Read more...]

2015 Spring Collection

Doomsday Snowman

                    … [Read more...]

Division is Difficult

students don't understand division

  Or in the US … [Read more...]

Inappropriate Dinosaur

Inappropriate Dinosaur

Like most kids, my son loves dinosaurs. So I drew him a picture of an apatosaurus, one of his current faves. After drawing what I thought was just a … [Read more...]