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Winter Vacation Home

house hunters international snowed in comics by james hudyma

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Jar Jar is the Gateway Drug to Star Wars

Star Wars Mickey Mouse

Like most Star Wars fans my age, I was an adult when The Phantom Menace was released and like my peers, I quickly grew to dislike Jar Jar Binks. When … [Read more...]

Tree Pick Up Lines

tree pick up lines snowed in comics by james hudyma

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American Girl vs. Maplelea

American Girl Dolls Maplelea Dolls

If you have a daughter between the ages of 4 and 24, you've probably heard of American Girl dolls. If your little girl isn't quite old enough, it is … [Read more...]

This Dad Knows Why Kids Need Jellyfish

Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish

Kids on lap, you open a brilliantly illustrated children's book and before you read a single word, your children are hooked. Their imaginations are … [Read more...]

My New Song: Novocaine

James Hudyma in Studio

This summer I recorded 3 songs with my old band, The Furleys (read Back in the Saddle). This song is titled, Novocaine. Enjoy. … [Read more...]

Kendama Dad

Kendama Dad

I'm a Kendama dad. I'm not really sure what that means, but apparently it makes me pretty cool. Kendama is awesome. It's relaxing, fun, and … [Read more...]

Men and Emotional Eating

ice cream temptation

The stereotypical image attached to emotional eating is of the depressed woman sitting in front of a television with a container of ice-cream, spoon … [Read more...]

Goggle Men Invade Earth


My son created the Goggle Men characters while playing with his Legos. He's 4. He ripped the body off of a Lego Man and discovered the remaining leg … [Read more...]

Wrong Side of the Branch

BJ Leaf

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