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Salt Water Painting

Salt Water Painting

Salt water painting is a fun and inexpensive way to be creative and learn a little science at the same time. As you complete this project with your … [Read more...]

The Apocryphal Collection

Snowed In Feature Image

Bros: The Narwhal and the Snowman first appeared as a quick sketch on my personal Facebook account.  Dazed and Confused was a line art project … [Read more...]

Baseball is Evil


I don’t hate baseball. Baseball hates me. Don’t believe it? Read on and you’ll see. Baseball is evil and it’s trying to kill me. HereStanding … [Read more...]

Charlotte’s Newest Word

Wilbur Bacon Charlotte Snowed In Comics

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Will Celebrity Selfies Put the Paparazzi out of Business?


The selfie phenomenon didn't start with Ellen's infamous tweet at the Oscars, but it was certainly the epicenter of the recent tsunami of celebrity … [Read more...]

Booing Justin Bieber Was UnCanadian


Justin Bieber was the recipient of the Fan Choice Award at the 2014 Juno Awards ceremony. My initial response was disappointment. After all the poor … [Read more...]

No Rules on the School Playground

no rules playground

Remember climbing trees? Getting up there was the easy part. You'd get some scratches and your pants would be pretty much ruined. Then you looked … [Read more...]

Go for a Beer with Dads Round Table


Some say beer was born thousands of years ago in what is now known as Iran and Iraq. Although beer has come a long way since then, the essential … [Read more...]

Snowmen on a Roller Coaster

Snowmen on a Roller Coaster

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Cans vs. Bottles: BeerWise


Everybody knows bottled beer tastes better than canned beer. Does it really? Smell greatly affects taste. Remember how you'd pinch your nose when … [Read more...]