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Pro Football Player Speaks Out About Youth Football

Quinn Magnuson Montreal Alouettes 1996. Photo John Bradley

Editors' Note: I am very proud to host the following article, written by former professional football player, Quinn Magnuson. More importantly to me, … [Read more...]


Deflategate Revenge of the Loyalist

As a teacher I can't resist mixing in a little learning into a current events comic. Revenge of the Loyalist! … [Read more...]

Snowed In Comics: Lo-Fi Collection

feature snowed in sicko

I'm impatient. When I finish a comic I want to share it with the world as soon as possible. Sometimes that means the images look a little rough. Ok, … [Read more...]

New Parenting Craze: Peter Panning

Peter Pan Dad

Youth is the best time of our lives. It is a time of growth and discovery, free from the burden of experience, wisdom, and inhibitions. A child should … [Read more...]

RTD: The Evolution of Dating


Dating is stressful. You present your best self to another person and hope they like you. I don't think that aspect of dating ever changes. Dating … [Read more...]

Winter Vacation Home

house hunters international snowed in comics by james hudyma

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Jar Jar is the Gateway Drug to Star Wars

Star Wars Mickey Mouse

Like most Star Wars fans my age, I was an adult when The Phantom Menace was released and like my peers, I quickly grew to dislike Jar Jar Binks. When … [Read more...]

Tree Pick Up Lines

tree pick up lines snowed in comics by james hudyma

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American Girl vs. Maplelea

American Girl Dolls Maplelea Dolls

If you have a daughter between the ages of 4 and 24, you've probably heard of American Girl dolls. If your little girl isn't quite old enough, it is … [Read more...]

This Dad Knows Why Kids Need Jellyfish

Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish

Kids on lap, you open a brilliantly illustrated children's book and before you read a single word, your children are hooked. Their imaginations are … [Read more...]