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Frugal Guide to Buying Toys


Toys are expensive. These days it seems even cheap toys are expensive. Whether or not Christmas is just around the corner or you can still see it in … [Read more...]

Home Repair for Unhandy Homeowners

fixing the sink

Some people can fix just about anything. Yesterday I watched my neighbour disassemble, repair, and reassemble a carburetor for his son's ATV in the … [Read more...]

Extremely Ethical Diet


After reading a vegan argument against the consumption of eggs, I began seriously thinking about the ethics of eating. To quickly rehash the argument, … [Read more...]

Amazing Sand Sculptures


This year and last, I was able to attend the Annual Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competition in Parksville, BC. The artwork is absolutely stunning. I … [Read more...]

Snowed In Comics July 2015

Happy Couples

Happy Couples 21st Century Busker Blame Dad Tourist Attractions Monkey Do … [Read more...]

Will Greece get a Haircut in the Eurozone?

greece debt crisis

Just yesterday I decided to take a moment from my usual summer intellectual pursuits (reading comics and playing Clash of Clans) to understand just … [Read more...]

Best Buy and the Father’s Day Gifts Dads Want

best buy

The best Father's Day gift is simply being a dad. I don't expect anything on Sunday morning but I know my wife and kids have some surprises planned … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Star Wars Fans


We know Star Wars is a very profitable franchise. Yep. We heard about Disney. We know the clothing racks and toy aisles are overflowing with Star … [Read more...]

Snowmen are Weird

Eating a Banana is Funny

  … [Read more...]

The Three Little Adults

Three Pigs

“Congratulations, boys!” Principal Boar cheered, “I wish you all the best in the future.” John, Jacob, and Schmidt couldn’t believe they had … [Read more...]