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Family Friendly Star Wars Games on Poki


I’m a sucker for just about anything to do with Star Wars. I love Star Wars Games, the movies, the novels, and the comics and I don’t care if it’s Canon, EU, or Legends. I am fully aware the franchise is also a merchandising machine and often I’ve been guilty of buying Star Wars trinkets to […]

Strategies to Fight Depression

Men's Mental Health

Editor’s note: This post was published a few years ago but the message is still relevant – and will continue to be. The topic of mental health and mental illness has been in the news feeds a lot lately so we decided to send this post back to the front page. Take care of yourself so […]

The Most Realistic Snoke Theory

Star Wars Mickey Mouse

Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? Kylo Ren said he is wise which has many fans convinced he is Darth Plagueis. Some believe he is Palpatine. Some The Inquisitor from Rebels. The most recent theory is Grand Moff Tarkin. Others believe him to be Vader. The craziest theory aside from Jar Jar Binks as evil Sith […]

Merry Christmas Comics 2015


The Too Long List Coal is the Goal Debt is the Gift that Keeps on Giving Peaceful Christmas Moment Christmas Chaos The Scrooge  

Is there a cat in your locker?

Enter Locker Kitty

Show and Tell is a time for an elementary student to shine. Whether they are talking about a loose tooth or a keepsake from a faraway vacation, the presenter is pretty sure they are sharing the most interesting factoid in the world. The truth is stranger than fiction. It is funny because it is true. This comic […]

Growing Up is Tricky Business

Walking to School Alone

Raising young kids limits your freedom. Although we miss those days before kids when we could do whatever whenever, it is still hard when our kids grow up and don’t need us as much. As our kids grow up they start to assert their independence. Even though they act big on the outside, inside it […]

Christmas Gifts They Won’t Expect

Christmas Time

Coming up with Christmas gift ideas is just plain hard, believe me I know. If you’re struggling to think of some unique ideas for this holiday season, check out this list of awesomely unexpected gifts that anyone in your life is sure to appreciate. A Recipe Delivery Box Give the gift of delicious food—and more […]

Potty Talk

The Yukons Snowed in Cleaning the Toilet

Last week there was an incident with a Ship in the Toilet. After nearly flooding the basement Gin and Bud are stuck with toilet cleaning duty. Cleaning the toilet turned out to be more difficult and disgusting than anticipated. As a kid I was rarely grounded. Usually, after a few days of having to put […]

Classy Gifts for the In-Laws

Christmas ornament

Christmas is coming soon, fellas, and if you’re looking for the right gifts for your in-laws, peruse this list of amazing gift items sure to impress even the hardest people to buy for. While you shouldn’t have to buy their approval, these gifts definitely don’t hurt in cementing your position as their favorite son-in-law. Read […]

There’s Ship in the Toilet!

Wreck of the Edmund Shitzgerald

In the last comic, Gin and Bud thought it would be cool to see a toy boat swirl in the toilet. Much to their dismay, the boat plugged the toilet. Rather than stay home to face the music, they decided to head over to Gram’s house to hide from the inevitable consequences. Time for Gin […]