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Teacher & science guy, writer, musician, coach, skier and bike racer, I am interested… in everything; your story, food & spirits and music and everything in the natural world, spirit & sport. My son is 22 and still needs his Dad. I am 56 and so do I. I blog on life and death, cancer and sports, kids and education at http://dstan58.blogspot.com/

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My Brother Wrote in His Books

My brother wrote in his books. My late brother Michael was left-handed, and his cursive had that slight, backwards tilt that lefties must adopt in order to write in a language that was designed for the dextrad. Amongst those languages which read from right to left, when Michael wrote in Hebrew, he generally wrote in […]

The Flint Water Crisis: It’s not just the water

This Just In (updated 2/12/16) Gov. Snyder, after ‘choosing’ not to testify before a House Democratic subcommittee, has agreed to testify under oath. CLICK HERE for a statement from Congressman Dan Kildee (Dem-MI) This Just In (Updated 2/10/16): On Legionnaire’s Disease. Of late, the issue of Legionnaire’s Disease has been conflated with the leaded water of the Flint […]

200 Words on Two Reality TV Shows

Last week, I watched, on purpose, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and  Chrisley Knows Best. I fully understand the appeal of E! News. It’s Sportscenter for people intrigued by fashion and TV/movie stuff. But the appeal of this garbage baffles me. On the Kardashians, there are three types of segments. 1) These Kardashians (weren’t Cardassians […]

The Best Vase Ever

In our house, we are big believers in the dictum anima sana in corpore sano (1). Translated from the Latin, it means, roughly, a sound mind in a sound body. In our house, it meant that as an twelve year old boy, one must do more than smack tennis balls and read Harry Potter. Not that […]

Thank-you, Mr. Trump, in 200 Words

Donald Trump is despicable. But he is not alone. Hate runs through US life and politics. The Cherokee Trail of Tears. Lynchings. No Irish Need Apply. Father Coughlin. WWII isolationism. White violence against the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Donald Trump didn’t invent this particular brand of hate and fear-mongering for his presidential run. It’s always […]

Yes, and … (a better way to listen)

As parents, we all have a set of mantras for use with our kids. It’s verbal shorthand that lets us direct and/or re-direct our children’s thoughts and/or behaviors.  Think back to the last time you were out with the kids: Gently you say to your hyper-rambunctious daughter prone to pushing and tugging. Use your words […]

A Report in Late November

Here is my November report from the southeast corner of the Mitten. FRIDAY, November 20, 2015: Today, I shot four videos, each ninety seconds long, which will help publicize my two current projects. I narrate audiobooks and my current project is a deeply moving book by John Thorndike titled The Last of His Mind: A […]

You Kids These Days. Harumph.

As a college student in late 1970s, on an evening’s walk down the dorm hall, the sound of distant horses at a gallop was common. It was the sound of students and their typewriters -tap tap tap tappity tap tap ah shit tap tap tappity crap taptaptap –at work on papers. The ah shit and […]

Let Them Fail

My kid is not so much of a kid anymore. In twenty days’ time, he is twenty-three years old. He’s doing okay; still feeling his way, but nearly all of the self-doubt which surrounded him when he returned from college three years ago has vanished. You might remember the story, or you can read part […]

I Know a Pedophile

I know a pedophile. This saddens me beyond belief. Just now, mid-November 2015, he is an alleged pedophile. He sits in jail, accused of giving a 13 year old boy alcohol, and then raping him. Perhaps he is not guilty. The courts will decide. Bail was set at $2,000,000. He faces the possibility of life […]