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Teacher & science guy, writer, musician, coach, skier and bike racer, I am interested… in everything; your story, food & spirits and music and everything in the natural world, spirit & sport. My son is 22 and still needs his Dad. I am 56 and so do I. I blog on life and death, cancer and sports, kids and education at http://dstan58.blogspot.com/

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Baseball Cards: Grab onto your youth

My Uncle Irv was the wacky uncle in the family. The fun uncle. He had a master’s degree in Library Science so he knew stuff. Tons of stuff, cool stuff, as befits an uncle who knew Miles and Coltrane before they were cool. He took karate before martial arts were mainstream. He was into Zen […]

Hey Budweiser-Can that New Can!

Budweiser, in a move that should shock everyone familiar with their product’s archetypal can, has decided to rename their flagship Budweiser brand “America.” The restyled can will be used from this summer through the November election. It’s not just the name that has been changed. The iconic can has been redesigned in a move that […]

Stop the Screaming ! ! !

There’s not much TV in my life these days. I’m bored with cop and detective and legal shows. I worked in hospitals so I don’t watch Doc-dramas. NOVA is still good stuff. I do watch some sports; oddball Euro stuff like bike racing, soccer, and just about anything that involves sliding down snow and ice […]

The Dad-Lens

When you’re 23, you look at life through a Celestron NexStar pointed towards the sky. “When I’m 30, I want to be there,” you say, as you gaze at Deneb, perhaps 7,000 light-years away. You point the scope toward some fainter star, perhaps Alnilam in the belt of Orion “And when I’m forty, I’ll be […]

When Young Men Die on their Bikes, I’m Gutted.

Bicycle racing has always been a risky sport. Training on the open roads leaves you at the mercy of motorists; whether careless, drunk, or plain mean-spirited, nearly 5,000 cyclists die at the hands of motor vehicles each year in the US. Cycling in the US means you accept the risks of training on public roads […]

Government is not a business, in 250 words.

In recent times, there has been a greater call to “run government like a business.” We need to “get rid of those politicians” and “bring in some businessmen who know how to get things done.” Here in Michigan, we did that with the election of Rick Snyder. With a B.A., an MBA, a CPA, and […]

Behind the Scenes at the CNN Democratic Debate

  Perhaps you saw the debate from Flint, MI on Sunday evening, March sixth? It was a debate of substance; two amicable ex-colleagues both on the hunt for the nation’s top elected office. Hillary made her points. Bernie delineated the differences between the two. I was there, stage right, first balcony, first row. Come with […]

My Brother Wrote in His Books

My brother wrote in his books. My late brother Michael was left-handed, and his cursive had that slight, backwards tilt that lefties must adopt in order to write in a language that was designed for the dextrad. Amongst those languages which read from right to left, when Michael wrote in Hebrew, he generally wrote in […]

The Flint Water Crisis: It’s not just the water

This Just In (updated 2/12/16) Gov. Snyder, after ‘choosing’ not to testify before a House Democratic subcommittee, has agreed to testify under oath. CLICK HERE for a statement from Congressman Dan Kildee (Dem-MI) This Just In (Updated 2/10/16): On Legionnaire’s Disease. Of late, the issue of Legionnaire’s Disease has been conflated with the leaded water of the Flint […]

200 Words on Two Reality TV Shows

Last week, I watched, on purpose, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and  Chrisley Knows Best. I fully understand the appeal of E! News. It’s Sportscenter for people intrigued by fashion and TV/movie stuff. But the appeal of this garbage baffles me. On the Kardashians, there are three types of segments. 1) These Kardashians (weren’t Cardassians […]