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Teacher & science guy, writer, musician, coach, skier and bike racer, I am interested… in everything; your story, food & spirits and music and everything in the natural world, spirit & sport. My son is 22 and still needs his Dad. I am 56 and so do I. I blog on life and death, cancer and sports, kids and education at http://dstan58.blogspot.com/

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Kid Golf-Ten Tips to Get You Started

Golf is one of the great kid games. Golf is instinctive; one hits a ball with a stick into a hole in the ground.  In fact, legend has it that golf began in Scotland as the bored young men who tended the flocks knocked small stones into rabbit warrens. Golf is satisfying; hit the ball […]

Golf, You & Your Kids; Get Out & Swing

“Golf is so popular,” said Winnie-the-Pooh’s creator A.A. Milne, “simply because it is the best game in the world at which to be bad.” Even those who play a competent round in May know that their competency might evaporate the next time out, not to be heard from until July, or God forbid, next season. […]

It’s Game Day!

Game Day. Coach, you’ve done all you can do throughout the week to get your team ready for Saturday’s game. I have a few tips that might make Game Day go a bit more smoothly. A)    Prepare your line-ups in advance. In planning, there is freedom. When you have the line-up done ahead of time, […]

The Father-Son Go-to? It’s Sports.

My dad, even at 82, is a good athlete. As a younger man, he could do it all; soccer player, single digit handicap on the links, high school basketball, track guy, Golden Gloves boxer, and strong-armed infielder. That might help you understand why he was a family doctor. My Dad Mort was an old school […]

Every Practice Must Have a Purpose; Planning Your Team’s Soccer Practice

If you are successful in your day job, you know that a key to your success is planning. For successful soccer coaches at every level, planning is equally important. If your plan is to roll a ball out there and scrimmage with your kids, you have no plan. EVERY PRACTICE MUST HAVE A PURPOSE.  Practice […]

The Youth Sport Parents & Coaches Wish List

Bad behavior in sports, at all levels, is at an all-time high. Several years ago, an umpire had his jaw broken by an angry coach. One week prior, a father died in a fight with another father at a youth hockey game. (Read the article.) A website; www.Badjocks.com, exists solely to collate bad behavior by […]

Staging Your Soccer Team’s Parent Meeting

Coach, you have taken the plunge. You have volunteered to coach your child’s U-8, 10 or 12 soccer team. You’ve probably played soccer yourself; perhaps even coached before. You will find that most parents are reasonable and well-behaved, most of the time. But frankly, it is not always sunshine and rainbows out there in the […]

Don’t Follow the Herd

If you lead U-8 and U-10 teams, herdball is a fact of coaching life. Herdball – the clump of half a dozen players that follow the ball all over the field. Do you want to create scoring chances, eliminate a few defensive breakdowns and teach your kids the rudiments of full-field team play? Then, Coach, […]