After 15 years as a News Photographer in the fast paced world of television news, I am now knee deep in Legos and laundry as the stay at home dad to to little boys. It was my choice to stay at home, so don't look at me like I am some kid of freak show. We're all parents just trying to raise our kids the right way. Some might be better at it than others, but if our kids love us for who we are, who cares.

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22 Things More Important Than Coloring in Circles

It's not always about what you learn in the class room

I'm a big fan of life experiences.  I think a kid can learn infinitely more experiencing the world than being cooped up at a desk for eight hours a … [Read more...]

5 Things Wrong With Soccer

HAAP Media Ltd.

I am not a hater. Every four years I get sucked into the World Cup and I bleed red, white, and blue.  Maybe not exactly, but I become a big fan. … [Read more...]

Summer Bath Schedule


School is finally over in these parts.  We end later because we start later than everyone.  School before Labor Day just seems so wrong to me, but … [Read more...]

Ten Things About My Kids That Makes Me Happy


This Father's Day I'm reminded of just how lucky I am. I have an amazing wife and two of the best kids in the world.  It's really the only gift that a … [Read more...]

7 (not so) Surprising Facts About Gay Weddings


I will never understand why people have such an issue with gays getting married.  Not liking their particular lifestyle is one thing, denying them a … [Read more...]

A $20 Gift That ‘s Worth So Much More

Courtesy CBS News

When 8 year old Myles Eckert found a $20 bill in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel he had visions of buying himself a video game.  But then a chance … [Read more...]

One Dads Amazing Response to Something he Saw Online That he Didn’t Like

Computer Keyboard

By all accounts Tom Wertmeyer is a family man.  Each day his wife goes off to her nursing job at the local hospital leaving him to stay at home with … [Read more...]

7 Things My Kid Can do Better Than Yours


My kid is amazing.  There are so many things that he has mastered in his short little life, that it's really too much to list them all here. It still … [Read more...]

How Sports Talk Radio Still Lives in the Dark Ages

Boomer and Carton

I am a big fan of sports talk radio.  As you can imagine though there are a lot of stupid things uttered throughout the course of the day.  Most of … [Read more...]

7 Types of Parents I Can’t Stand

Courtesy HAAP Media Ltd.

Every parenting style is different.  The reason for this is that EVERY KID IS DIFFERENT. We all have our ways of going about things and there is no … [Read more...]