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Brienna lives in the great Pacific Northwest where she writes and grows a family. She travels, watches baseball and loves live music. She has previously written parenting articles for and music reviews for Seattle Wave Radio.

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RTD: Parenting the Anatomy

We, as adults are fairly smart. Even mostly educated. So why is it then, when faced with children, we become frazzled and partially brain-dead at some of life’s simplest topics? Take anatomy and body parts, for instance. We’re all working with the same set – give or take – and we’re all experienced enough to […]

RTD: Favorite Holiday Movies and Quotes

“Santa! I know him!” “You’ll shoot your eye out!” “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.” “You serious, Clark?” “Keep the change, ya filthy animal.” The holidays are here – and with the season comes non-stop movie marathons to keep us in the spirit. Because we celebrate tradition and embrace familiarity, many […]

Wander Near

As a native and lifelong resident of Washington State, you could say that I’ve seen and done what is to be seen and done. But since having children seven years ago, my eyes have been opened up to doing these things for a different reason. It’s my job and my goal to instill in them […]

Embracing the Outdoors

How do we spend our time outdoors? What are the rules? When do we enjoy the outdoors the most? Our family is not what you’d call classically “outdoorsy” people. Nor are we couch potatoes. I’d like to think we are adaptable. When the weather commands it, we are content to eat through a bag of […]

Smaller is Bigger When it Comes to Building Memories on Vacation

It’s summer’s eve with schools dismissing and everyone, I mean EVERYONE, seems to have summer vacation planning on the brain. If I had a dollar for every mention of Disneyland, I’d probably be able to take my own family. I get it, school is out and it’s prime family time. Weather is good. Schedules are cleared. Why not […]

A Rebuttal to The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide (from a Mom)

I have to give credit to the men who make efforts at gift giving. But I have to shake my head a bit at why they make it so hard on themselves to channel their loving thoughts into a gift for their significant other on Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas, etc. Dads Round Table contributor Brandon […]

Who is Plan B Hurting?

Just yesterday, it has been announced that the Plan B birth control pill will be available to girls as young as 15 and it will no longer reside behind the pharmacists counter. Taking a quick temp around the social media world yesterday afternoon has found quite a rise in opinion and the momentum will no […]

The Truth about Cracks

Step on a crack and break your momma’s back, right? My kids laugh endlessly over this game. To me, those cracks are blatant reminders of the balance of parenthood. So relatively small, yet disproportionately impactful — less so for breaking backs than the metaphorical understanding of not successfully holding things together. You know what I’m […]

Could Chores be the End of Complaints?

Recently, my kids had become a little too critical, a little too disrespectful and a lot too unappreciative. Complaints were rampant over not getting the right color dinner plate, over not getting sprinkles on their ice cream, over their favorite t-shirt not being clean, over my cooking, over my grocery shopping choices… The list grew […]