Brandon P. Duncan

Brandon is a dad, husband, US Soldier, and co-founder of Dads Round Table. When not knee-deep in one of those things, he can often be found tinkering with a woodworking project, writing, drawing, or Photoshopping something... or napping... or he's hurt himself again... or... something...

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5 Best Keyring and Keychain Replacements (Plus 2 Bonuses)


I’m a planner. I look ahead at upcoming holidays, events, the next day’s schedule---you name it. I’m also not ashamed to admit that I probably need to … [Read more...]

Forget the kids! 5 Tips for Parents at Back to School Time


Back to school time can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your work situation, if your kid(s) have stated for the 500th time that they are … [Read more...]

Mysterious ‘Art Ninja’ Caught in California Revealing Craft Secrets!

Michael Voogd - "The Art Ninja"

Breaking News: At approximately 1:00AM this morning in California, artist and Ninjutsu Black Belt holding Michael Voogd launched a website … [Read more...]

State of Social Part III – Offline Relationships

State of Social III - Offline Relationships

This is the last of three posts regarding social and social media stuff from me (for now.) Regardless if social media interests you or not, read … [Read more...]

State of Social Part II – Community

Block Party Image - State of Social Part II - Community - Dads Round Table

Good to see you again! So yesterday’s post, State of Social, Part I – Coming Back After a Year and a Half, sounded a little like a rant and a lot like … [Read more...]

Nice shoes – Short Fiction

Nice Shoes - Short Fiction Dads Round Table

A few years ago, I wrote with a few various prompted writing groups (in fact, I even started one called Story Dam). I thoroughly enjoyed the response … [Read more...]

State of Social, Part I – Coming Back After a Year and a Half

State of Social PT 1 - DadsRT

Do you consider yourself a “social” person? IRL (in real life)? What about on Social Media? There are still a lot of “experts” stating you need to be, … [Read more...]

5 Easy Food and Beer Pairings for Summer

Beer and Burger - Dads Round Table

Add a little culture to this year’s Independence Day grill-fest and be the star of your gathering! Here is five of the most common fare for the 4th … [Read more...]

Resolutions start by changing your attitude

Your resolutions start by changing your attitude.

I’ve always been opposed to making New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, read this post and then this one, and you can see that my negative attitude toward … [Read more...]

The end-of-year emotional roller coaster is now open!


My wife and I have noticed this happening over the last couple of weeks---it seems like a never-ending full moon lately. People are acting … [Read more...]