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The Fight to Write

I love to write. It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do. And as much as writing is a creative outlet, I greatly enjoy the “science” behind it. Building sentences, creating paragraphs, and mapping out the emotional journey I’d like readers to embark upon. There’s also a sales component to the process. From the title […]

Mite Hockey: Half-Ice or Full-Ice?

If you’re involved in youth hockey right now the ADM needs no introduction. But if you’re just beginning your hockey journey as a parent or coach, ADM stands for American Development Model and is USA Hockey’s “nationwide model for successfully developing American hockey players.” While the ADM is great, and for the first time ever provided […]

Keeping Your Sanity in a Money Driven World

Collecting a paycheck is annoying. Collecting a paycheck that allows you to live a financially independent lifestyle is near impossible. In theory, there’s probably another way that doesn’t involve giving into the financial rat race, but none of us will ever see it. Removing the web of money from society would take a catastrophic event and I’m […]

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Every once and a while I’m prone to writing what I call a “selfish post.” Meaning, that as much as I believe people will enjoy reading what I write, the main goal is to capture a moment in parenthood that I want to remember forever. This is one of those posts, but with a little bit […]

Behind the Bench: It’s All About Having Fun

Even when I first started coaching hockey way back when (last year), I had the sense that making sure my kids were always having fun should be at the top of my list. Not near the top of my list, but at the top of my list. Today, as I evolve from a volunteer coach who simply […]

How Career Change Can Impact Parenthood

I turned my world upside down recently, my wife and I both did actually. We both started new jobs this year, and more specifically, new careers. My wife is still a teacher, but she no longer has a class and instead pulls kids out of their classes. She’s a specialty teacher now and helps teach […]

Of Taste and Family: Made for Each Other

  “Ran Off in the Night” — Echosmith:

The Story of Grem and Acer

They were cars. Two lemons to be exact. Two lemons of little note. Exactly the way the two of them wanted it. For the most part… “What do I care?” Grem whined in his shrill voice. “It’s better off they never notice us. We aren’t supposed to be noticed, remember?” “You’re always so dramatic,” complained Acer. […]

What Are You Responsible For?

Dads Round Table is one of the answers to that question. I was fortunate enough to be asked to join the #DadsRT project in its very early stages — early enough to be considered a founder. Meaning, some of my fellow founders were kicking around this idea before I was even in the picture (Dad […]

RTD: Waking the Creative Mind

I took my boys to the Children’s Museum in Boston this weekend and it got me thinking once again about something that doesn’t come naturally to me — sparking their creative minds. I’m a left brain type of guy and I thrive on the linear. Give me a point A and a point B and let’s talk about […]