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A Dad’s Three Genie Wishes

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Parenting has made me soft. Tearing up at Pampers commercials soft. I’m getting better now that our second kid is older and getting all gushy … [Read more...]

Of Taste and Family: Taste of Chelmsford


Recently I wrote about a fundraising event in my town called Taste of Chelmsford. Below are some of the pictures from this event, and while this … [Read more...]

Hockey Dad Tries out for Baseball Dad


The pace of baseball is completely foreign to me, the amount of rules stresses me out and my childhood memories of the game are less than … [Read more...]

Spring Training Rules with my Boys


"I'm here, guys!" As if we were unaware of his approach, his feet pretty much rumble the earth. The 6-year-old and I panted with exertion and … [Read more...]

Thoughts after 2 Boston Firefighters Killed in 9-alarm Fire


It's hard to pick the right words at times like this. From wishing that firefighters and their families know we think about and appreciate them … [Read more...]

A Model for a Successful School Fundraiser


Sold out. Again. Always. The Center Elementary School PTO of Chelmsford, MA boasts one of the most successful and anticipated events of the year … [Read more...]

Top 3 Rules of a Youth Sports Coach


As I turn the page on my first year as a youth sports coach, I've started to reflect on what I learned from this experience, which existing rules I … [Read more...]

Perceptions of Respect


We have been talking all week about perceptions and labels on Dads Round Table. Mainly, about the way others perceive us. Often based on our … [Read more...]

RTD: The Labels Others Give Us; We Give Ourselves

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Perception: From Merriam-Webster, "the way you think about or understand someone or something." And therein lies the problem. As a people, we have … [Read more...]

A Journey Into the Unknown: An Adventure Story

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They were screaming down a dark tunnel at a speed neither of them had ever experienced before. Sporadically, lights would flash by on the outside of … [Read more...]