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5 Easy Food and Beer Pairings for Summer

Add a little culture to this year’s Independence Day grill-fest and be the star of your gathering! Here is five of the most common fare for the 4th and suggestions for beer pairing categories to offer alongside. Let’s face it. Food and wine or beer pairings are highly scientific processes that not everyone understands or […]

RTD: Hanging in the #BeerGarden

Every once in a while we open up our weekly chats to have a time to just hang out with some of our favorite people and enjoy the DadsRT community.   This is one of those weeks.  We usually call it an Open Mic Night, but since it’s baseball season and all, calling this style of […]

Go for a Beer with Dads Round Table

Some say beer was born thousands of years ago in what is now known as Iran and Iraq. Although beer has come a long way since then, the essential ingredients are the same. In ancient times, the brewing process killed harmful microorganisms that made many local water supplies unsafe for human consumption. Beer provided people with a […]

Cans vs. Bottles: BeerWise

Everybody knows bottled beer tastes better than canned beer. Does it really? Smell greatly affects taste. Remember how you’d pinch your nose when you had to take awful tasting medicine when you were a kid? Pinching your nose made the medicine virtually flavorless, until you let go. When you tip back a can of beer, […]

BeerWise: Serve Beer this Thanksgiving

There is a hilarious parody of Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving where the “trailer park” family is feasting on KFC and washing it down with Bud. This parody speaks volumes about the stereotypes we have about beer. Beer isn’t fancy. Drinking beer at a formal family function is trashy. I’m here to say that like wine, beer […]

BeerWise: Fall Beers

As we say good-bye to the crisp lagers and fruit beers of summer, we say hello to the stronger, darker ales of fall.  Before you judge the beer world too harshly for this year’s vast array of fall beer offerings, you should know the fall beer tradition came thousands of years before the Pumpkin Spice […]

My First Beer was Local

We were taking a break from picking roots and rocks out of the summerfallow field.  Whether or not you know what I’m talking about, just know this is backbreaking farm work.  Nothing makes hard work harder than dry heat in a bare field, and this day was a scorcher. My grandpa always drank coffee.  No matter […]

BeerWise: Fruit Beer

With summer just around the corner you’ve probably noticed an influx of beers featuring fruity flavors at your local carrier.  This timely edition of BeerWise will explore the history of fruit beer and the rise of fruit beer in the Craft Beer revolution. Before we go any further I need to clarify the difference between […]

BeerWise Dads: In Defense of Lager

A beer is either a lager or an ale.  The technical difference has to do with yeast and fermentation.  As a result of fermentation-style are significant differences in flavor, body, and effervescence.  In this installment of BeerWise Dads we are going to explore the virtues of lager and try to redeem this style of beer from […]

BeerWise Dads: What’s in your beer?

Considering the huge selection of beer styles available, it’s easy to forget most of these brews are made with only 4 ingredients: malt, yeast, water, and hops. In this installment of BeerWise Dads we’re going to take a quick look at the four main ingredients of beer to give you a better understanding of what’s […]