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Michael Voogd - "The Art Ninja"

Mysterious ‘Art Ninja’ Caught in California Revealing Craft Secrets!

Breaking News: At approximately 1:00AM this morning in California, artist and Ninjutsu Black Belt holding Michael Voogd … [Read More...]

Marriage and the Incomplete Man

Marriage and the Incomplete Man

It was a mistake... It didn't mean anything... I was weak. These are phrases that break a family apart. We watch it over … [Read More...]


Five Reasons That Michiganders Are the Worst Drivers

Michigan, my current home state, has the worst drivers. But I'm not angry, well not at the moment at least. I'm safely at my … [Read More...]


What’s a dad to do- A boy on a swing

I ran into a bit of a conundrum the other day. I wasn’t sure how to respond to a certain situation.  I’m still not sure what … [Read More...]

Letchworth State Park Upper Falls

5 New York Waterfalls to See This Summer

When it comes to waterfalls in New York Sate, Niagara Falls gets all of the credit.  It's touristy, there's lots to do, and … [Read More...]

Image Courtesy Lewisville  Volkswagon

Tire Maintenance Tips for Successful Family Road Trips

The last thing you want to deal with while on vacation is a tire problem. Some things can occur unexpectedly, but following … [Read More...]

Boom Bat

Roundtable Review: Boom Bat

I have an unfair advantage when it comes to being a parent in the Summer.   I am a teacher,  and even though I don't have the … [Read More...]

US FLAG slider

Only in America

Only in America*- Can we have a country at its innovative peak… American citizens have never been more innovative. The … [Read More...]

State of Social III - Offline Relationships

State of Social Part III – Offline Relationships

This is the last of three posts regarding social and social media stuff from me (for now.) Regardless if social … [Read More...]


Amazing Sand Sculptures

This year and last, I was able to attend the Annual Canadian Open Sand Sculpting Competition in Parksville, BC. The artwork … [Read More...]

Block Party Image - State of Social Part II - Community - Dads Round Table

State of Social Part II – Community

Good to see you again! So yesterday’s post, State of Social, Part I – Coming Back After a Year and a Half, sounded a little … [Read More...]

State of Social PT 1 - DadsRT

State of Social, Part I – Coming Back After a Year and a Half

Do you consider yourself a “social” person? IRL (in real life)? What about on Social Media? There are still a lot of … [Read More...]