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Pursue Passions

There is a thin line between habit and addiction.  The line is drawn at “Want” versus “Need”. A habit is something you … [Read More...]


Things I’d like Invented Since Becoming a Dad

I invent things all the time, in my mind. The only problem is, I don't actually make any of it. Some of it is stuff I think … [Read More...]

Grandfather and Grandson Sitting on Folding Chair

Arnie; Part 2

Aaron and I had been skating.  He had new skates, it was winter break and we wanted to get out. The rink was nearly … [Read More...]


Patience. A lesson for Children and Fathers

I’m amazed at how my views on raising children have changed over time.  Someone asked in a Facebook group I belong to, “What … [Read More...]


The Hats We Wear

I believe in science. I believe that the natural world can be explained through careful and repeatable experimentation. I … [Read More...]


Congratulations, You Are Now a Father

Congratulations, you are now a father! Those words are something you will never forget. And maybe they will never actually … [Read More...]

Clash of Clans Village

Clash of Clans: Guide for Parents

The first three sections below address parental concerns. Following, if you are interested in playing Clash of Clans, I have … [Read More...]


Keep Up the Chatter

I played a number of sports when I was younger. I played for my middle school basketball and baseball teams and I was the … [Read More...]

Dad vs Black Dad

Dad vs. Black Dad

The moment you put a label on something you've discounted it... you've decreased its original value.  There is a reason I've … [Read More...]

Grandfather and Grandson Sitting on Folding Chair

Arnie; Part One

Preface  Nearly everything I’ve written about fatherhood here at Dads Roundtable fits neatly into one of two categories.  … [Read More...]

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma, I will miss you. To be more honest, I will have missed you for the past 23 years. I have missed your … [Read More...]

Schrod's cat

Schrodinger’s Dad

My friend Mike is soon to be a first time dad. One week soon, in fact. As is every new dad, Mike is worried that he’ll screw … [Read More...]