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Clark Kent v2

Selective Nerdism; Get Some!

Once again, it is time to out myself. I am a nerd. Not your garden variety superhero comic book lego-loving nerd, but a nerd, … [Read More...]

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As a dad and a husband I have heard the word “Sacrifice” often.  People say you have to sacrifice a lot for your kids. But as … [Read More...]


How I Try to Meditate While Parenting

When I was very young, my father introduced me to meditation. A very Zen style of meditation that I enjoyed because I felt … [Read More...]


If That’s a Dairy Product, then I’m the Cookie Monster

Some things in life should be sacrosanct. McDonalds French fries. Mom’s pot roast. Guinness. York peppermint patties. Half … [Read More...]


How I got My Son to Sleep in His Own Bed

My wife and I have never been the type of people that forced our kids to sleep in their own bed. Sure when they go to sleep … [Read More...]

Dry Skin on Face

How I Treat Eczema on my Face

Living in a northern climate is brutal on your skin. From November to April you feel like you're part snake, part dog with … [Read More...]


Statistical Overload in a Digital World

It's tough living in the digital world we live in. I mean, sure, we have touch-screen phones and all, and there are many … [Read More...]


Understanding Common Core

It appears that I have touched on an hot topic when I posted my view of Common Core. Thank you for all who have shared and … [Read More...]

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

Oscars 2015. A white-out? It’s complicated.

I enjoy a good movie. I am not a  fanatic. I don’t go to Oscar parties, and my concern with fashion on the red carpet is on … [Read More...]

Truth About Monsters

Do You Tell Your Kids The Truth About Monsters?

http://youtu.be/ZSGHLXWNpvQ?t=1m22s When I put my kids to bed, one will inevitably ask me to close their closet door. My … [Read More...]

ice climb

Do Parents Everest?

The mountaineer Ed Viesturs is noted for his conservative approach in the mountains. His most famous quote “Getting to the … [Read More...]


Sitting at the wall

I get hung up on results quite often. I have these concepts of what I want to be or what I want to exist in my life, and I … [Read More...]