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Thigh deep snow and uphill both ways, kids, that how we did it

You Kids These Days. Harumph.

As a college student in late 1970s, on an evening’s walk down the dorm hall, the sound of distant horses at a gallop was … [Read More...]


A Simple Act of Defiance

My 12-year-old daughter was defiant toward her substitute teacher this week and I couldn’t be more proud. At first glance, … [Read More...]

Let them fail Slider

Let Them Fail

My kid is not so much of a kid anymore. In twenty days’ time, he is twenty-three years old. He’s doing okay; still feeling … [Read More...]


I Know a Pedophile

I know a pedophile. This saddens me beyond belief. Just now, mid-November 2015, he is an alleged pedophile. He sits in … [Read More...]

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Gifts for Your Kids This Christmas That You Will Want to Play with Too

It is definitely true that as you get older, Christmas presents get far less fun. Where as a kid you might wake up to find a … [Read More...]

celebrity and royal caribbean

How to Pack for a Cruise Vacation

If you have never been on a cruise before, chances are you have absolutely no idea how to pack for a cruise and you will end … [Read More...]

Lego Fire Station

7 Best Lego Sets to Buy This Holiday Season

I love Legos. I think I love them more than my kids do.  Over the years Lego sets have been the go to gift around the … [Read More...]

Dad and his two young children on bicycle

Four Ways to Ditch the Dad Bod

There was much talk earlier this year about the fashionable "Dad Bod" as popularized by notable celebrities such as Leonardo … [Read More...]


When Children’s Books Become Television Shows

Whenever a book is adapted for film, my initial reaction is disappointment. Can't it just stay a book? More often than not, I … [Read More...]

golf shrink

Why Golf is Much More than a Physical Game

You might have heard that half of golf is played, not on the greens, but in your head. Why do you think most of the pro’s on … [Read More...]