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Grandfather and Grandson Sitting on Folding Chair

Arnie. Part V

The big week Uptoskey is over.  It is Saturday evening and we return home to see Susan and Jody (Arnold’s daughter in law) … [Read More...]

anniversary gifts

5 Unique Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife

Remember what it was like when you were wooing your wife in your early stages of dating? Why not continue that excitement and … [Read More...]

Grandfather and Grandson Sitting on Folding Chair

Arnie. Part IV.

Today, we brought over my girlfriend Cathy. She and Arnold have been friends since the day I introduced them two years … [Read More...]


7 Signs You May have a Parenting Disorder

Do you have a Parenting Disorder? Read on and see. 1. Irrational Fears Afraid to make any noise after 8pm in case it … [Read More...]

Grandfather and Grandson Sitting on Folding Chair

Arnie. Part 3

It has been a worrying time at the Schaffer’s, and at our house as well.  Aaron’s Bubbie needs to see Arnold, so she … [Read More...]

How to Cut People Out

How to Cut People Out of Your Life

Why would you have a need to completely disconnect from another person?  Doesn’t doing that seem like a drastic measure? … [Read More...]


A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Every once and a while I'm prone to writing what I call a "selfish post." Meaning, that as much as I believe people will … [Read More...]

Dave's watch

The Apple Watch is not a Watch

The Apple Watch is on the streets. It is a lovely product. It is functional, and no doubt, it keeps good time. But … [Read More...]

Ned Flander Feature Image

Top 5 TV Cartoon Dads

The obvious choices for top TV Cartoon Dads aren't necessarily the greatest dads, they're just the most popular. In creating … [Read More...]


The Law of Diminishing Returns

Last night on the #DadsRT chat the question was asked “Home, work, and fun…which gets more of your attention, and which needs … [Read More...]


Behind Closed Doors

The most annoying part of being a parent is when my kids are perfect angels in front of other people.  Now don't get me … [Read More...]


Pursue Passions

There is a thin line between habit and addiction.  The line is drawn at “Want” versus “Need”. A habit is something you … [Read More...]