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RTD: How to Parent TOGETHER

There's paying lip-service to being a team when it comes to parenting, then there is actually being a team.  If for some reason you and your spouse … [Read Discussion Topic...]

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Taking a break from running along the Mississippi River.

Training for Fatherhood

My parents were visiting at the beginning of the summer, and as I was rolling around on the floor with my boys, I rattled off … [Read More...]


Nerd Perspective: San Diego Comic-Con International

 Comic-Con International: San Diego is the grand-daddy of all comic convention and so much more. Founded in 1970 it was … [Read More...]

3 Reasons to see Guardians of the GALAXY

3 Reasons to See Guardians of the Galaxy

I wasn't always of fan of Cosmic Marvel, until recently and it started with the Annihilation story line.  In this story and … [Read More...]

hockey skate

Story Time: Rangers-Islanders 1999

I originally started writing this post as a connection to Eitan's first baseball game but I got so involved in the story that … [Read More...]

James Hudyma in Studio

Back in the Saddle

Many moons ago I played with a couple of amazing musicians, Quinn and Cam. We called ourselves The Furleys. We wrote songs, … [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 10.53.48 AM

It’s Good to Have a Guy

Sitting in my car at the auto repair center (remember when they were called gas stations and garages?), my phone rang. I … [Read More...]


Daytime Memories and Nighttime Dreams: Family Vacation

It's hard to believe it's already over. Our annual pilgrimage to my hometown in South Carolina, visiting relatives, and … [Read More...]


My Son’s First Baseball Game

This post would not have been possible without our friends, Daniel and Stephanie Rensing, and Stephanie's father, Mr. Bob … [Read More...]

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3 Real-Life Princesses Who Didn’t Need Magic to Kick Butt

Thanks to the wildly popular Disney movie, Frozen, princesses are not just for girls anymore. As a father of a son and a … [Read More...]

The foot of a giant Douglas Fir.

Walking Among Giants in Cathedral Grove

Cathedral Grove is located on British Columbia's Vancouver Island in MacMillan Provincial Park. Our family spent an afternoon … [Read More...]

tattoo for dad

New Addition to the Family – New Tattoo for Dad

After the addition of our newest child, Graham, the next logical step was to get a new tattoo commemorating/welcoming the new … [Read More...]

Rocky Mountain Highway

Road to Adventure

Every summer we travel home. We always go to the same place: Waskesiu in Prince Albert National Park. This place is very … [Read More...]