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fixing the sink

Home Repair for Unhandy Homeowners

Some people can fix just about anything. Yesterday I watched my neighbour disassemble, repair, and reassemble a carburetor … [Read More...]


Ravenswood Zin, Barque Smokehouse, & Pork. Yes, please.

(This is a sponsored post.)*** In 1976, Joel Peterson began making wine at his Ravenswood vineyard near Sonoma, California. … [Read More...]


How to Keep Your Children Protected from the Summer Sun

Protecting your children's delicate skin from the sun's harsh rays will ensure that their skin doesn't burn and that it … [Read More...]

play fort

The Best Ways to Create a Fun, Safe Play Room for Your Children

There is no better feeling for a father than to be involved in the development of his children; unfortunately, we don’t … [Read More...]

vapers e-cigarettes

United States Laws Regarding the Use of e-Cigs – Still Open to Interpretation

When it comes to vaping, many people still don’t get it! The process is nothing at all resembling smoking tobacco products, … [Read More...]

Panhandle slider

Beggars; Can I be a Chooser?

  There is a strip mall several miles from my house which houses several of my favorite stores-Bed, Bath & … [Read More...]


The Tools Every DIYer Should Own

Whether you’re an experienced DIYer or have just started to try your hand at do-it-yourself projects, there are some power … [Read More...]


Find Your Way Around Orlando with Official Apps

There’s no denying it: many cities around the world are becoming more and more in touch with mobile platforms, and Orlando … [Read More...]


5 Best Keyring and Keychain Replacements (Plus 2 Bonuses)

I’m a planner. I look ahead at upcoming holidays, events, the next day’s schedule---you name it. I’m also not ashamed to … [Read More...]


Forget the kids! 5 Tips for Parents at Back to School Time

Back to school time can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your work situation, if your kid(s) have stated for the 500th … [Read More...]

Adam Scaturro helps his son Sebastian Scaturro, 4, learn to ride his bike outside their Lakewood home.  Scaturro, a quadriplegic, has joint custody of his son with his former girlfriend and works hard not to let his disability get in the way of being a good father.  He has been disabled for fourteen years, after a friend accidently threw him down on a wrestling matt in high school and Scaturro's neck broke.   Jamie Cotten/Special to the Post

Some Days You Cry. Some Days You Laugh.

We moved into our house fifteen years ago. I was a teacher, and spent the summer at work in the yard. I supervised the … [Read More...]


Extremely Ethical Diet

After reading a vegan argument against the consumption of eggs, I began seriously thinking about the ethics of eating. To … [Read More...]