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The Political Divide

There have been endless articles, tweets and videos shared over the past 2-3 years chronicling the divide between groups and … [Read More...]

A Parenting Manual?

My son, 8, comes up with some whoppers.  The other day we had this conversation — or some reasonable facsimile … [Read More...]

Why I Took My Kids to School Today

Today was "Dads Take Your Child to School Day" at my kids’ school and at all schools across Florida. It’s a fairly … [Read More...]

Just Do It — One Thing at a Time

As I write this blog I’m listening to a podcast, keeping an ear tuned to how my children are getting along and boiling water … [Read More...]

The Unnecessary Race to a Career Path

I teach college and I encounter dozens of young men and women each year, striving to better themselves and become successful … [Read More...]

Dad’s Review: Disney’s Toy Story Land

We are just back from a quick trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL, where we spent the bulk of our time at the new Toy Story … [Read More...]

Why They Kneel

I am a Black male. Football has been a part of my life for 81% of my life.  I love the game, and will watch my Washington … [Read More...]

3D Guns Are a Thing?

Two weeks ago, 3D printable guns were low on my expanding list of things to worry about in these fraught times. In fact, it … [Read More...]

The Summer Tease

This is an ode to temporary summer.  The summer of sleeping in. The summer of lazy mornings and laughter from the … [Read More...]


I heard an old song the other day that I hate. In fact, I can barely listen to it. It’s not a song that you might think — of … [Read More...]