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Schrodinger’s Orange; A Zen talk with my son

  Why an orange, kiddo? Whaddaya mean, dad, “why an orange?” Just that, why an orange? Why not? Well, what makes … [Read More...]

What Kids Think About Gay Marriage

What Kids Think About Gay Marriage

I will be honest, I was initially worried about the types of questions I would have to answer or address when taking my kids … [Read More...]

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7 Wonderful “Just Because” Gift Ideas for Your Wife

  She married you, and you couldn’t be more grateful to have her in your life. What better way to show her how much … [Read More...]


Need More Time in Your Life? 13 songs to lend a hand

No one has enough time. Not kids. Not adults. Especially not parents. It’s fall, we’re back to school, and we’ve got PTA, … [Read More...]

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How to Pack for a Long Distance Motorcycle Road Trip

For the majority of people, the idea of travel means packing a couple of cases and jetting off on an airplane to somewhere … [Read More...]

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Adlens-the Ultimate Adjustable Focus Eyewear

Hair goes grey. Midsections bulge and sag. High frequency hearing fades. All symptoms of middle-age. Easy to understand the … [Read More...]


Frugal Guide to Buying Toys

Toys are expensive. These days it seems even cheap toys are expensive. Whether or not Christmas is just around the corner or … [Read More...]


Best Tech for Capturing Memories

Scrapbooks, photos and home videos are the traditional ways of preserving and keeping precious memories; yet, oftentimes, … [Read More...]


How To Make Your Upcoming Anniversary The Best Yet

How To Make Your Upcoming Anniversary The Best Yet If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your wife on your upcoming … [Read More...]

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How Human Rights will Benefit from Animal Liberation

Many people don't realize the close connection between animal rights and liberation with human rights and freedom. But the … [Read More...]


The Athlete’s Guide to College Sports Scholarships

Each year, hundreds of colleges are looking for talented and athletic individuals who they can award an athletic scholarship … [Read More...]

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They Never Stop & Frisk Old White Guys

In 2006, James Blake was the world’s 4th ranked tennis professional. He won nearly $8,000,000 in career prize money. He spent … [Read More...]